Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Look who is a decade!

Can you believe Tirzah is turning 10 this week?
Just incase i am having the baby i wanted to get her up on the blog!
her birthday is friday. we are going to have cake at her great grandpaw's.
i feel bad that we arent doing a big party for her 10th, but i am not in any shape (haha) to do it and neither is bubbe who has been moving.
so happy birthday honey!


Ginny said...

Your daughter is beautiful! My son turns 11 on Saturday. They just grow up waaay to fast.

Susan said...

Happy birthday, Tirzah! My baby turns 4 tomorrow. Wow - they grow up so fast, don't they?

Don't blink or the one you're carrying now will be in college! LOL!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Happy Birthday Tirzah! You still might be sharing your day with a little sister.
Heather, I only felted the pumpkin once and it was cute. Then I made the smaller one, but as of this time there is no one signed up to take the pumpkin class. So, looks like I am just doing the moebius scarf tomorrow, but have five ladies taking that one and I had five the last one. So that was kind of cool. My fees go back into yarn as you well know. Jennifer says she hopes your baby is born tomorrow because on the calendar is says "Sweetest Day" so that would be very appropriate. Hope you are feeling okay. Miss you and your knitting expertise but we are managing to get along since you were such a great teacher. We refer to you and the knitting Queen. :-)

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