Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hot rod birthdays

for their birthday party, grandpaw al and tirzah shared an ice cream cake. it slightly melted cuz we got caught up in a game. my mom is famous for her bday party games. so we had a bit of a mess. but it was very yummy. as for guests, judy joined all of us. our group is a party on its own!

tirzah was spoiled of course. but the best present was what my parents got grandpaw! back around the age of 5, my dad had ruined the hot rod magazine that grandpaw was in. he was only 27 when he was setting NHRA records. dad found a lot on ebay that had the mag in it! so 44 yeas later, dad gave him an uncolored magazine. i think its 1962. we are still looking for the little models to build his car that they made.
if you look at the pictures he still looks the same! seriously! the men in my family barely age. my dad still looks like he did in high school.
happy 10th and 69th birthdays!!!

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