Sunday, October 09, 2005

the count down

so about 8 days til my due date. having had babies at 37 to 42 weeks, she can come anytime now!!!! averaged out a few days before the due date seems right. and since we have 3 kids born on the 14th.... how does friday sound?
pulled out the raspberry tea and my evening primrose oil. so we will see if my contractions progress beyong annoying.
i started another sock on US 1 1/2 (2.5mm) needles. it is almost done. hope to have the pair complete by tomorrow's dr appt.

i dont know how the orthodox keep these kippah's on little boys heads. being that it is the days of awe the boys are covered, but almost lost 1 at the park and one to sommersaults, and one to tree climbing. it doesnt help that the runaway prone kippah is green! gotta dig out the bright stuff and make them some more that wont blend in.

sam is out with the homeless prone "child" trying to find him a bed for the night.
hopefully attaching a grow up & get a goal lecture
i am due! we can not rescue him this week! so here is to the successful relocating! (pray hard)
pastor appreciation includes cake and cards, YOUTH pastor appreciation gives you an empty gas tank, some one to empty the pantry, and door bells and phones that sound at 2 am.
if you can survive youth ministry with your faith intact and some sanity left, you can do anything i am convinced!


Ginny said...

Thank you so much for the e-card!

Wow only 8 more days... how exciting! Okay, I should also say "Wow - six kids!?!" I'm not sure I could keep my sanity - my two are constantly fighting right now. I think it's the change in the weather, because they normally get along quite well.

Highland Annie said...

Heather ! Your not only pregnant your due ! Wonderfull !!

I soo loved my needle exchange package, the bryspuns are now in full use making a fun fur scarf for my 13 yr old dd (yuk fun fur) and not so much as a twinge on the hands after knitting for 6hrs steady, the sock yarn won, i cast on tonight with it, i have 0 will power , i know *hangs head*

You must tell me more about the hand cream ! its fantastic ! What a difference using it just twice has made to my hands, i am amazed !

Anyhoo, sending lots of easy labour vibes ! hope all goes really well & am looking forward to hearing if its a boy or a girl !


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