Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby socklings

i made these tiny toe up short row heel socks for the baby.
we decided to try them on her feet. GOOD thing!
they fit her feet perfect right now. and probably not for long.
i got a set of 1 1/2 DPNS when we went to sonora.
so i am going to try a pair on those. the others were size 0.
i may have to jump clear up to a size 2. sigh.
my 8 yr olds feet are about the same size as mine. 1/2" apart.
she is already stealing my shoes. like tonight! and i saw my hello kitty
satin sandal things were out. so when the ultra sound showed
this one had big feet i tried to gauge them. but considering sam's
size 12 feet and my brother's size 13, and bubbe's and her sister's...
my size 6 shoes are out of place! so i should probably jump to the size 2's.

our poor friends' house caught fire yesterday.
the only good thing about disasters is the chance to start over.
so at least she can going shopping, she looks like she has lost
lots of baby weight lately and needed new clothes anyways.
it is still fire season in california. this week is proof!
we, too, had a small fire this week. i melted a disposable plastic lid in
my oven, which had black smoke and flames. trying to do too many things at once.
i told all the kids to go outside, removed the dinner, put out the flames and THEN
it occured to me that i should get the BABY OUT OF THE HOUSE! duh!!!!
so we ate our supper (what was left) on the porch...with the baby!
it was are supposed to eat outside anyways.
i will now secure the baby first, then extinguish the fire! ( it was small and contained.)

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