Wednesday, September 07, 2005


yippee!!! the yarn came from knitpicks so i can start on grandpaw's nordstrom's shawl. remember picture posted earlier. the yarn they used was wool with 9% alpaca. ours is alpaca & silk, so it will be better. ;-) it took forever to wind 400 yard hanks. i only got half done yesterday. my arm was killing me!! really going to have to get a winder and a swift!

i made it into quincy to "the wool room" where i shopped the clearance table for some great cascade 220($4.50 each), cotton classic in good colors purples and greens of course ($2 a hank)! lew fell in love with this mohair beret, so we have green mohair for it, and shelynn bought some cascade quatro for a scarf..var. greens. they were so cute looking at the yarn.

taught a hats class last night at knitwits, made $ ;-). it was nice to have a turn out again. now that the weather is changing things are getting busier. this is my last month of classes for awhile. ( baby due in 5 weeks)

everyone has left over yarn, so i thought it would be good to use it to make katrina blankets. it didn't go over. so we will keep it as a youth group project i guess. (if anyone has yarn scraps, email me and you can send them to our p o box) i still have the hideous quilt someone made for us after andrew. ( salvation army btw is way better than the red cross. just remember donating to the red cross it does NOT go directly to katrina hit areas but spread out to all their branches. so give to the salvation army! even annie the knitting heretic agrees.)

oh, and how funny is it to get emails about bush being racist from a racist!!!!! ya right, you go boy, nothing like making yourself look funny. guess clinton musta really hated the blacks and hispanics of homestead, let alone the whites, down there during andrew. isn't new orleans 2/3 black? wonder why there is more of them who need help? maybe cuz there are more of them???? america is really good at blowing things out of porportion and making america look bad to the rest of the world. have you seen what the arab tv stations are playing? just feed them more propaganda guys...they eat it up!

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