Monday, September 12, 2005

Why did they make the shirt below??? because of Berocco, that is why! And this gypsy thingy to the right!
and just so you know, if you call berocco and tell them there are pattern errors, they are really snooty! and are exempt from gauge. Really they said that! the only scarier patterns are the ones from poor ironstone, they cant even remember how much yarn they used.
so in honor of the ugly gypsy top/vest thing. ..."FRIENDS DON"T LET FRIENDS KNIT UGLY". it maybe the only defense against scary knits like these. ( you can find more to laugh at, with a warning for the language, at:

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Lesa said...


I will be at Duane and Corinne's wedding if you want me to take your book to TRY to get it signed. No guarantees, as there are a ton of people on my campus!

Also, yes, APU does tape all the chapels and you can watch them online. Click on the chapel link. :)

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