Thursday, September 15, 2005

who was right?

so for months now the Dr has said she was sure she saw "boy parts" before it crossed its legs. but the heart beat has been 150-164. GIRL heart beat! so i refused to buy anything of either sex, cuz i didnt think it was a boy, but didnt want to wind up like our friends with a boy and a pink nursery.
so due to the arranging of a rabbi to come WAY up here if it was a boy, i asked them to check again. and guess what???? boy was the dr surprised! had to triple check.
NO BOY PARTS! i was right. Talia Grace will be born in october. so bella is so excited over a baby girl and chai is pouting cuz there are too many girls. but he isnt too sad. he already has a brother.
now to decide what to knit for a girl baby. i put down the lavendar socks cuz they said it was a boy. gonna have to finish sock #2 now.
any cute patterns you wanna share?


Heather said...


I love the Trellis pattern on Knitty ( It can be a bit difficult the first try, but it knits up so nicely. I made one for a coworker's baby, and it just knocked everybody's socks off at the shower...very fancy for a baby's sweater, and quite unusual.

Lacy Zigzag said...

I don't have any baby patterns cuz I never had any babies. You are having my share :-) But I am excited that it is a girl. I want to wait to give you your shower until after the baby is here. Then we can all hold her too. Chris

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