Thursday, September 01, 2005

We are off to JoshFest! We have packed a bunch of CD's to be authographed by the bands...about 20 of the 60 that will be there. Not to mention the skateboarding teams, so Chai has has board packed too. While up there i am going to sneak off to The Wool Room and visit Medrith and her yummy yarns.... since it is only RIGHT THERE! it will give this prego a great oppurtunity to knit while the kids rock out. super chick who did the songs for legally blonde and barlow girl will be there which is great for kezzi who wants to play bass.
i still do not know who my secret pal 5 was. due to the weird mail routing, it may take til after the labour day weekend. Gas is $3.09 by the way.
we have not talked to Grandma and Brian in 36 hours (since they got a message thru). Keep praying for the gulf coast! His job and her apartment are obviously lost. kinda hoping they can come home because of it all. still no word from jessie. earl has flooding and no power. he is somewhere in mississippi. 2 women from our church leave to go help with red cross aid relief.
UPDATE: Grandma and brian are on their way to austin texas to be with my aunt. they are going by truck i guess. but the good thing is they are leaving mississippi! still no word on jessie.

joshfest was AWESOME..will post more later
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