Friday, September 16, 2005

"Walkers Don't Have Girls"

i will never forget my inlaws saying that to me! that was 9 years ago. well surprise! a 4th girl! guess it just prooves sam was really adopted! (slightly evil grin inserted here)
my other favourite inlaw sayings are "first wives always leave" and when sam was working at NASA "you would be better off working at McDonald's" (you get free hamburgers don't you know!) note: since hubby made me call about the baby yesterday, they have said nothing.

my family, which is mostly girls for generations, has called repeatedly and is very excited. and everyone loves the name this time, my aunt says she feels like she has crossed over to the darkside. haha. i like FUN names. my grandmama did ask if it was going to be a robert,roberta, or bobbie. (stretches back for generations before her.)

knittingly, i finished vicki's baby hat, shelynn's scarf, and have 6" on the alpaca shawl.
it is really hard NOT starting another thing. but i have to get these done soon.
getting a box together for my secret pal.
this is so much fun.

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Anonymous said...

yeah! so the pink burpclothes were right after all!!! congrats!

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