Monday, September 26, 2005

SeCrEt GiFtInGs!

So back at the beginning of summer i got this really awesome box from my SP5. and then i rarely heard a word from her. i was worried she may have been a victim of the hurricanes when reveal time came around.
so sam went to the post office on his way home for lunch (he works 3 min away)
and he brought home 2 boxes! one from his mom with a beard trimmer.
and the other was my reveal from my SP5. it is huge! Her name is Nik.
apparently she is very busy and has been collecting fun stuff to send.
i need to get the pictures off my camera to post. lets see if i can go down the list.
labels that say my name, 2 sets of needles, patons alure,and 3 skeins encore yarn,and 2 skeins of this great novelty yarn, a debbie bliss kids book, pooh bear books with lil stuffies, scarpbooking stuff, bath and body works...(don't you love that place!?) n an awesome green bag, a lil green purse, a knitting needle zippered travel case and a cute tube for storing needles, 3 sets of knitting notecards that are very cute! a magnetic board so you dont loose your spot in a pattern, stickers,and a barnes and noble basics of knitting and crochet book. shew! i think i got it all! it was so fun! thanks Nik! i am overwhelmed!
check out the gorgeous bag she made (on her site).

We are packing for 5 days in NYWC in Sac. it will be a heavenly week. great bands, speakers, comedy clubs, DAVID CROWDER leading worship, (you gotta love the geeky looking guy when he leads you in worship! he is a favourite! definitely named david for a reason), plus all the free stuff they give you and the new ideas and just the refreshment. you actually come back excited and wanting to work with these looney teens! there is a special college seminar this year. since we have had so many graduate high school this year and really need to find a way to fill that void, it may be worth skipping kutless since we have seen them 3-4 times already. i am so excited for chris. this is his first year. and since i am 9 months pregnant, it gives sam some one with energico to run around with. i am gonna sit, enjoy, knit, and wobble around. this is the first baby i seriously Waddle with. (heehee i still have only gained 8-9 lbs i sit here eating M&M's. good baby!)
My parents signed the papers on their house. it is really coming along nicely. they power washed it and made a HUGE difference. new pergo floors go in tonight, paint is being picked out, carpets cleaned,everything scrubbed and bleached. they have made a big change in it already. i am so happy for them! SPACE! (they have been in 340 sq ft, while dad got his buisness going.) can you imagine watching all 5 of my kids in 340 sq ft?! they are saints! have you seen the fridge with the soft serve icecream dispenser? if i ever hit the lotto, i would buy that for mom. i think it is the one thing her house lacks! my uncle moves into his new house this week too.
all while we are in sacramento and having a baby. so i feel useless. but i am so excited for them!

my houston aunt came thru everything great. anna is in beaumont. waiting to hear how she faired. hurricane season lasts thru november. seems soo far away.
tomorrow is my last knitwits nite til the baby is ready to travel "to town".
about 3 weeks til she arrives. what a crazy time of year this is for all of us! poor tirzah, who knows when she will get a birthday party!


Susan said...

I am so very excited for that little lady to get here! And what an angel that Mommy only gained a few very small pounds! :) Can't wait to see the gorgeous pictures of your doll! Love hearing about the traveling and Christian bands you guys get to hear often! live vicariously through my knitting friends!

Creative Genius? said...

Ok - some too funny facts...

You gifted me for SP4
My mother gifted Nik for SP4
I gifted Nik for SP5
Nik gifted you for SP5

Oh how it's a small Sp world!

:-) AL

PS - Can't wait to hear about baby!

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