Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Interweave Crochet

Ok scary ugly hat inspired by prada. ???? stick to shoes and bags@

if this was an pixie halloween costume you could maybe wear it. maybe??? we don't celebrate halloween, so i dont know if this is too weird for even that.... a shakesperean summer festival? or does that insult Puck?

The magazine tried hard i think to make fun "hip" crochet projects but it doesn't really work. the one pattern i want you have to download b/c it isn't in the magazine.

do you think debbie stoller's happy hooker will be as disappointing? it says it is supposed to be fun, original, and not doily inspired. PLEASE be as good as SNB!!!! or at least try hard.

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Susan said...

Hey, Yarn Yenta! :) Thanks for the adorable birthday e-card! So nice to know you thought of me. Enjoyed reading your SP6 questionnaire. I'm looking forward SP6 too - my first time!

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