Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hurray!!! Sp6 is beginning to go forward! I have several friends in this round. some have their assignments already but some don't. it will be fun when every one is assigned. unfortunately i got mine after a day at my LYS, so i will have to do some shopping either online or wait til my next "trip to town". i think the gas prices have turned me into my grandfather! i love it when he calls, "i am going to town, is there anything you need?" speaking of grandpaw, his nordstrom's shawl now has 25 rows done. not much cuz it is lace weight! but it is soft and cloud like. very wonderful. i hope she will be shawl worthy ( i have had 6 grandmother's growing up ....both grandfather's combined) so i am waiting to see how this goes.

last night went well at knitwits, made some money, paid for the yarn i bought for my dad's ______. ....incase he is reading....the new cascade heathers have a yarn almost crayola midnight blue. it is very nice to just look at. cant wait to start working with it... so i have to get this shawl out of my project bag..LOTS of knitting to do.
Frogged a cashmerino hat. it was looking like some one's sweater! way tooo big!
well 2nd grade math is calling! while he is still excited about math we need to get it done!

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Heather said...

Sorry about that - your name was toward the end of my database list, so your assignment was done at the end of the day.

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