Friday, September 09, 2005

For Daesme

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Ten Years Ago- i was 20 & pregnant with baby #1, and just came home from france/gremany
Five Years Ago- living in on the water in baltimore but moving to denver & my yard with 12 aspens in it ~*~ sigh~*~, 4 kids
One year ago- hmm 5 kids, 5 generations in this county, surrounded by teenagers
Today-woke up, made breakfast, worked on stuff for knitwits, banking, searched the 40% off clothes for neutral baby stuff LOVE THE JEAN JACKET!!!, knit some of grandpaw's shawl, played our new tetris game, made "basil pasta" (what the kids call pesto)
Tomorrow-survive the weekend, chillin at home with movies...oh, laundry to do, get more of this shawl done
5 snacks I enjoy:p.b. m&m's, Dark side peanut M&M"S, sugar snap peas, pistachios, 2 bite carrot cakes
5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: dctalk, audio adrenaline, newsboys, david crowder band, margaret becker
5 Things I would do with $100,000,000- big house in the woods maybe that apple orchard, horses, bless a missionary or 3, pay off the last school loan(paid off!!!! so now pay for the kids to STart college, would like to see them get scholarships and earn some of it), buy a nice big van
5 locations I'd like to run away to-safed-israel, prague, matigny-switzerland, colmar-france, ireland
5 bad habits I have: kissing sam in public, pinching his butt at church (heehee), yelling up stairs instead of going up, forgetting where i put my glass, holding a grudge against someone who hurts someone i care for...some say not using capital letters...but i use ee cummings as an example/excuse, 'sides breastfeeding leaves only one arm for typing!
5 things I like doing: writing, drawing, knitting, playing tetris, kissing sam
5 things I would never wear: 80's spandex clothes, things with feathers, polka dots, white shoes after labor day, a fluffy bunny suit
5 TV shows I like: csi. csi miami, mystery, waiting for rupert everett as sherlock holmes, do pbskids shows count?
5 movies I like: serendipity, untamed heart, princess bride, matthew, LOTR all 3
when narnia hits in December. i hope to add it!
5 famous people I'd like to meet: christian slater, mel gibson, sean astin, elvis, denzel washington
just spent last weekend with KUTLESS, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson, Super Chick and Barlow Girls, so i am happy for now!
5 biggest joys at the moment: tirzah, kezziah, malachai, jaden & zemeira
5 favorite toys..see above

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