Friday, September 09, 2005

discontinued yarns upset knitters

everyone is panicing over the latest discontinued yarns from lionbrand. their site says COTTON THICK & QUICK, MAGIC WRAP , TERRYSPUN , TERRYSPUN , VAN GOGH, WOOLSPUN are all discontinued, but it doesnt say that cotton-ease or wool-ease are, but that 6 of 15 colours of cotton-ease are and out of 74 wool-ease colours 30 are discontinued. so either they have too many of the other colours still, or they are just cutting back on how many colours.
Do you think that means they are clearance priced? check out michael's and joann's to see if they are. cheap mitten yarns for christmas! they aren't yarns i use really so i am not in tears or writing odes to the yarn. ( yes some one did, it was rather cute) too bad they dont kill some of the funfur!

I had hoped to know who my SP5 was before SP6 starts but it doesnt look like that is going to happen. this one was not a very chatty secret pal, so if my SP6 reads this, YOU CAN EMAIL ME! that is half the fun.

we are getting a team together for cleaning up the manton fire. this time of year last year we did fire clean up too. the kids worked really hard. it is good for these kids who have very little to give to those who now have nothing. unfortunately we scheduled classes on 2 saturdays and will be in sacramento the last saturday. so we will see how it works.
and the rain is coming so we need to get things done before it starts since it won't stop til MAY!

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You've been tagged! Questions are on my blog...Enjoy! :)

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