Saturday, September 24, 2005

after working at knitwits today, i came home, washed and dressed kids and got into the car to go to a wedding. it is kinda a friend, but not really. our pastor's son, he has not actually lived here the last 3 yrs we have, so we only had talked at holidays,etc... now he and his wife will be living up here.
corrine looked very lovely. simple and elegant dress. poor pastor doug, he almost didnt make it through the ceremony he was presiding over! dad didn't get to do my wedding. i hope he will get to do my kids' weddings. bella was wondering when the wedding princess would dance at her ball. the kids didnt understand why this wedding didn't have dancing and wine..not that they drink..haha. so i had to explain the difference between JEWISH weddings and BAPTIST weddings. (i am not a very good baptist.) duane was actually less goofy than usual. So MAZEL TOV Duane and Corrine!
now i am going to crash! long day!
oh for those near to these... Interweve Knits has some scarf style contests going on. prizes and stuff.

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