Saturday, August 13, 2005

sam is at the church for a funeral. a lady named popcorn died. some how related to our chrch's secretary. her house exploded and she died in a fire about a week ago. the weirdest thing is her son wants a BBQ following the funeral. ok, since it was a fire she died in, the BBQ seems harsh. any excuse for tri-tip in magalia i guess. now this is in no way a reflection on our secretary who totally rocks! beverly is awesome! just related, like most of us, to some odd people.

i cast on in orange the braided cable scarf . using lionbrand microspun. its $2.49 a skein! so affordable and not redheart acrylic. but while watching the truth about charlie last night i cabled to the front instead of the back!!! the mistake is 12 rows back! i was gonna ignore it, but it is bugging me too much. so the lil frog prince must join me on the couch this afternoon.

i finished a pair of Debbie Bliss cahmerino chunky fingerless mitts. i skein plus a lil bit left over. so i thought i'd get the orchid one and trim these then make a hat and trim it with what is left of the eggplant. at $15 a skein....that is only 2 total skeins. nice christmas present, or if i have to move to new england... i may need them to be warm and snuggly.

which leads to thursday's phonecall about a job in connecticut for sam. lots of money, no relo. still in proccess so no official offers yet. 6 min from my best friend who i have known for 18 years. i have no idea what to pray. really. sam would have to move out there, i would try to schedule an induction so he can be here for the birth of his last child. (he has caught them and cut all their cords) then after thanksgiving, the kids and i could maybe amtrack out there...6 week check up thing. sides we have family from israel who will be here for thanksgiving! can't miss that! but then MY grandpaw calls last night, "boy i would hate for you guys to leave, i would never see you again." he is only going to be 69, not like he is this is just a reflection on how i lived for 13 yrs as a child on the east coast and saw him once. and he now is not so much a work-a-holic and has fun with my kids....not a dying thing. my parents, uncle, aunts, 2nd cousins all live here, too. so i have no idea how to pray. plus i have these teenagers who need to be loved.

whatever is best for my family, what ever G-d wants. that is what i want. i will move and be happy. i can stay and be happy. so if we are to stay here. some one local HAS to offer sam a real job...not this part time stuff he has been struggling with. 1 real full time job. i want eds-chico cuz sam was an eds iad grad.

Do what You will G-d, I will follow!

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anyone said...

Ewwww, he wants to BBQ? Seems rather odd given the circumstances, but I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

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