Monday, August 01, 2005

Ramblin Road Trips

VBS started today. ALL my kids are vbs age for the moment. it looks like a fun theme. 2 of the "older guys" in church...actually considering how old out church is the are probably in the middle!!!) ...well 2 of them are in charge of crafts! isnt that cute? poor herm i dont think was going to survive crafting with keith. he did a great job! being crafty, i checked on them.
they are crafting wooden race cars together, complete with exhaust pipes and little intricate things. so it was pretty cute. i made some glue sharing suggestions (plates and tooth picks) so the craft went a lil faster. i wont be around tomorrow so i hope things go well. if the kids would just listen and follow instructions norm and herm could survive the week.
the poor summer missionaries are doing this VBS for the 9/10 time! it is fun to watch them do all the geeky moves! and the youth group girls getting slighty flirty with earl is even more entertaining. poor boy. it's that southern charm!
sam seems to be having an ok day. but was apparently blamed for sabatoging the computers before leaving last week. can you say PARANOID? so he is working while actively pursuing other things. the hour cut and pay cut besides the violent out bursts are a great incentive.
sobe emailed bella back. she is begging for sobe in plastic since mama won't buy them in glass. the stitches were too traumatic! they said they are checking into it. a small stash of pink sobe in plastic would make her day.
the girls are watching american tail. it makes me miss matty. he called mom and dad. still thinking of moving home to new england i guess.

craving: double scoop pistachio and cake batter icecream

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