Monday, August 15, 2005

Musically Inclined

tagged by uta.
ok, my 6 favourite songs of all time.
this is too hard! only 6? ummmm...lets see.
i grew up on my mother's motown, my daddy's rock n roll, and my family worked for musicals are in our veins. it would be easier to write artist/songwriter....there are so many that once you hear them you are compelled to sing along, totally off key.

Jetplane (never left my mother without her singing it to me)
Be thou my vision
Desperado-Eagles....who will be up here Oct 19!!! can we just list all their songs?
Jesus freak- DC Talk
Shine- Newsboys
String of pearls- Glenn Miller

My MP3 has 185 of my favourite songs. A weird multi-genre collection that is rubbing off on my kids. (my daughters have no "r" in their singing...that bostonian thing they somehow inherited from me although i try really hard to talk properly.)
This year my kids have made me feel so special. they think i can win jeopardy, draw better than anyone famous, and should perform on american idol ( cuz i know the words to the songs i think..???) and i can knit ANYTHING. arent kids great? in 3 years tirzah will be 13 and i will be the troll she once knew.

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