Wednesday, August 17, 2005

marked for life

i just made, with the help of kezzi rose, a zillion stitchmarkers for the store.
now the sucky thing is my fabulous fonts i spent the last year downloading are no longer on the updated PC. POUT. which means my great labels for them are useless.
so i am back at graffitifonts getting some freebies. the old fabulous ones i had from another site are now up for sale. i need them mostly for youth group. now i have to remember how i extracted them....

i finished the decedant debbie bliss cashmerino-superchunky fingerless gloves and hat. i took a picture,that i will post later as usual...still have not even tried to figure out my camera myself. sad i know. they are all down at knitwits for the next couple months..til i need a present or i am freezing!.
working on my orange cable scarf. had not realized it, but it has become my gaza-protest-support scarf. living with political activists and deeply opinionated people, i guess it was just via osmosis. the microspun is showing off the cables really wonderfully.
need to work on the felted clogs for the class i am doing.
need to finish baby socks.
need to work on my knew that was coming didnt you?
i think the ADD/ADHD from youth group has rubbed off on me. FOCUS!
kinda like the knitting tote in berrocco i need another bag!

i have my final sp5 package to mail off. being out of town made it hard to be a good secretpal this summer. but i did keep in email contact and get 3-4 boxes sent out. next time i will work on the notes more. maybe it just seemed like i slacked off.

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