Monday, August 22, 2005

Living in Bile-land

for whatever reason, morning sickness has been really bad this weekend.
i am totally useless til around midday which threw off our blackberry picking and jam making for the morning. saturday i worked at knit wits. and was able to hold it together with people in the store, but lost it when they left! sheesh. i am so glad this is the last baby. i have spent to many days the last decade puking!
we went to chico state yesterday morning after sunday school up here. they had their joint campus worship at BMU. it was really good to see all the different ministries down there. sam got info to give to our college aged kids. then we went to sultan's bistro for falafels! yummy.
attempted to go to walmart but it was back to school scary!
then back up here ( actually paradise) for baptisms at the hasak's.
Sam is at a funeral this morning for a teenage boy who killed himself last week. Justin was apparently drinking and driving (underage) and the cops gave him a hard time, hoping he wouldn't do it again. the cop pulled up to his house and while he was talking to the parents on the porch, justin walked in, got a gun and shot himself. He had attended the charter school up here. several of the kids knew him. by this time last year we had lost so many teens in the community (about 8, 6 between christmas and valentine's). this year there are 3 that i know of. still too many. little town. too many drugs available, too many parental-druggies sharing the drugs, nothing to do in a mountain town, and only 2-3 cops on duty DURING THE DAYTIME, none at night really.
something has to change.
Hope for the ridge.

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