Monday, August 29, 2005


We heard from my grandma and my uncle in biloxi. so far ( about 10 am)besides the lack of power, they are just missing a piece of siding. as things settle down we will see whatelse there is. grandma's apt is on the beach so when she goes home, we will see how her things are.
(update:8-30-05 grandma currently lived on beach blvd. they are saying an apt building on the beach had 30+ dead from a storm surge. i am so glad she evacuated! waiting to hear how the back half of the storm left things. oh, my uncle worked at the casinos...not sure which one, but hopefully not the one now resting atop a hotel! doesnt look like there will be much left any way. still waiting to hear about jessie, she was a "west banker" in new orleans.)
we are still waiting to hear from everyone from the summer teams. louisiana, mississippi, & alabama. hopefully by wed everyone will have away to check in.

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cecily said...

MY SP TOTALLY ROCKS MY SOCKS! :) Sadly, they aren't knitted socks. ;)

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