Friday, August 19, 2005

Flat Rate Boxes

Sam brought hom a STACK of flat rate boxes for me! (it is very romantic, i know) i love flate rate postage!!!!! now i can mail this heavy school stuff to heather k. and get my lastest sp5 box put together and not get killed over postage! i hope____ likes her presents. .

trying to get a college age group started at church. we have 10 kids that graduated this year or are 18. unfortunately we HAVE to keep the 13/14 yr olds away from the 18-20 yr olds, so they need a place to go. as of next week's school year they will not be able to come to youth keep your fingers crossed. we just can't do it, already we are swamped and they newest walker isnt here yet. so some one else needs to step up and fill the need. i have my idea of who would be great and have the time (last people are now pastoring a church in another town).

1 comment:

cecily said...

i did...i loved them. you were such an awesome SP...i hope you get to spoil someone cool this next round, too.

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