Saturday, August 06, 2005

cycling on

CYCLE DOWN and Some Fight Left played last night. we used the steel trusses and ply wood to create a teired stage. it worked pretty well actually. but i would really like a proper stage. the new Cycle Down cd is great. they finished it in LA and brought new copies with them. chris had bella up on stage with him for "hero" which is her favourite song. she got all shy and cute. tirzah sang the mary had a lil lamb intro, and jumped off as it all began to rock. SFL i dont think have signed CD's before. it was cute. i told them "my children BELIEVE you are rock stars, don't disappoint them!" so they signed the cd for tirzah. they were a fun band, and we like matt, the new C.D. guitarist. apparently lew and jon attempted to play to me while i was selling their shirts and cd's... i was oblivious! i am not used to them being wireless! so i ignored them playing around me. i felt bad. but it was really funny cuz john keeps being ignored. but you should hear him on the grand piano. wow! lots of talent!!!!

our summer missionary boys left after the concert. there were many tears. after only 2 mons, we barely had them here in town, so i am glad their last week was with us. bye chris & earl. the girls leave today for migrant camp VBS and then go home. they were so much fun and great examples for the youth girls. i am so glad we had the opportunity to meet and get to know terra and anna. bye guys! you will be missed.

we have not been home all week. so i am enjoying the quiet. sam has the older girls at the youth bbq. i over did it yesterday and am resting, and surviving the will cool off after the weekend a little bit. trying to get a few projects finished before school starts up.

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