Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Amy Hampshire gave this poem to me back in 1993. I had tried to find a copy on the internet but there wasn't one. so here it is!

The Counterfeit by Beth Dawson
“Does your servant know you?”
said Satan to the King.
“does she recognize Your hand
In all the goodness that You bring?”

“She hears my voice” replied the L-rd
“And harkens to the call.
She delights in all my blessings
And credits Me with all.”

“Then let me test her faithfulness
and see if she can tell
if her next request is granted
From heaven or from hell”

The L-rd approved the challenge
When up arose her prayer
Requesting a companion
With a Godly love to share.

The prayer was sweet aroma
And greatly pleased the Lord
He smiled and with approval
Unlocked her answer’s door

But before He pushed it open
To Satan he said “Go,
Test her with your counterfeits
Test her, she will know”

So Satan dressed man
with Physical appeal
to knock upon her heart
with flattery and zeal

Her loneliness was comforted
But deep within her heart
She knew that they lacked foundation
And soon would fall apart

So Satan dressed another man
With godly words and deeds
She liked his first impression
And started digging deep

But when she reached the bottom
She found he had no root
No excitement for her Saviour
No depth to get them through

She cried” Dear Father hear me
Alone I’d rather be
Than harkening a shallow love
without you here with me

So with pain and tears she raised
the knife and sacrificed the hurt
And prayed with deep conviction
God’s best choice for her

The lord then turned to Satan
And said “Satan you must leave”
You see she desires not a man
But love with only me

So a man I now can give her
For she has past the test
Your counterfeits her hand has slain
Her reward is now my best

So Satan turned to roam the earth
For another child to trip
Another’s godly love to break
With his famous counterfeit.

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