Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who killed Jesus? G-d did

john piper's "passion of jesus book"
it has really been good. the sin definition was painful. " sin is dishonouring G-d by prefering other things over Him, & acting on those prefrences. we glorify what we enjoy most and it isnt G-d. Therefore sin is not small, b/c it is not against a small Sovereign. The seriousness of an insult rises with the dignity of the one insulted. Th e Creator of the universe is infinitely worthy of respect and admiration and loyalty. Therefore failure to love Him is not trivial, it is treason.
Since God is just He does not sweep these crimes under the rug of the universe. He feels holy wrath against them. rms 6v23...ezek 18v4...gal 3v10... BUT the love of G-d does not rest with the curse that hans over all sinful humanity. He is not content to show wrath, no matter how holy it is. Therefore G-d sends his own Son to ABSORB His wrath and bear the curse for those who trust Him...gal 3v13 propitiatin...it refers to the REMOVAL of G-d's wrath by providing a substitute. The substitute, Jesus Christ, does not CANCEL the wrath, He absorbs it and diverts it from us to Himself. G-d's wrath is just, it wasspent, not withdrawn. Let us not trifle with G-d's love. we will never stand in awe of being loved by G-d until we reckon with the seriousness of our sin and the justice of His wrath. BUT when by grace, we awaken to our unworthiness, then we may look at the suffering and death of Jesus and say " in this is love, not that we have loved G-d,but that He loved us and sent us His Son to be the wrath absorbing propititation of our sins...1 john 4v10" John Piper

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