Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Traveling Pants

how is it possible for a girl to leave with 8 pairs of jeans, and return with 1 pair....that aren't even hers or her size????? i don't know...but kezzi did it. all her cute pants, embroidered, fun buckles, etc...gone. it is crazy.
so if any one finds her pants....please send them home.
We are trying to get ready for canada. papers, parents, food, maps and travel plans.
plus getting my kids ready for a week with their bubbe & pa. so things are busy.
relaxed at knitwits for a bit lastnight. got a lil something done. tried to felt an old sweater...did not work. too moth eaten, and washable wool. (its 40 years old. some one started it and left the panel in a bag.
just got an email.
Chaim's mama is dying. just a few weeks the dr says. her brother is shmuel...explains why she loved sam so much. i am so sorry for chaim. this has been a rough couple years. We love you Sara! we will miss you very much! wish we were with you guys!

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