Monday, July 25, 2005

there are alot of things that change as you cross over borders.
somethings should be definitely left behind. do not import these! please! they smell like mcd's french fries and ketchup but taste weird. oh and have you heard of dill pickle DORITOS?


anyone said...

I never developed the taste for ketchup chips, but people who eat them love them. Sounds like you had a good time Surrey... too bad you couldn't come a little north!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Dill Pickle Doritos. But I DO eat Dill Pickle flavored chips. And yeah, they can keep those ketchup chips.

Anonymous said...

oh, the last comment was from your secret pal ;)

anyone said...

Okay, maybe a 'little' north was an understatement - try about 500 miles. I live in the middle of the province.

Heatherly said...

i like dill pickle chips..potatoe chips. but doritos are kinda weird.
hi secret pal!
uta, wow, that far??? i bet it is gorgeous!

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