Friday, July 29, 2005

sam got up at 6 am to go hiking. somehow the kids know this. they all slept in. it was really quiet this morning. youth group was nice last night. some of the kids are on vacation, some are grounded.... i am not sure where peyton was, so when i am done i will check her blog for signs of life. the music was FABULOUS! chris jensen who blows most professionals away, sang and played guitars, lew is home for the moment and not on tour with cycle down, so he was ob bass. and josh glasenapp was on drums. it was really fabulous. josh g will be back next week. lew leaves monday for his next tour opening for spoken. and chris maybe working. so i thuroughly enjoyed it this week. plus ALL the stoners have vanished for the summer....sure makes things quiet! so it was a very nice night, not as much work.
getting things ready for school. we have alot already. no need for back packs, last years look barely used. THIS YEAR I WILL HAVE 4 KIDS IN SCHOOL. jaden begins kidergarten this year! the SOS computer is almost ready to go.
the 3RD annual school supply drive at church starts on sunday. i need to get a rubermaid down there to collect it all. i know 2 kids who need stuff. there are probably 7 more. last year we got 10 kids completely set up for school. so it will probably be more than that this year. plus we stocked all the class rooms, so those who needed stuff and didnt ask had things available in the school rooms. besides that life rave starts next week, then there's lassen hiking trip, something like silas concert, joshfest, and more...this is just the beginning. as school starts more will be going on. working on getting a bigger bulletin board for the youth group. it is kinda pitiful!

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