Monday, July 25, 2005


The kids and the current team in surrey did a drama the last night. they worked really hard on "the champion". note the demon faces. sam was too busy talking to pose. haha. the spanish youth group joined us that night. milan was in it too. his father came to see him in it and borrowed the cd. sarah was Jesus, kelsey was G-d, josh was satan, jessie chris and milan were demons. brittney and mandy;) were angels.

sam did the narration.

it was really great. they did such a good job and the face painitng was fun to do. i told lew if the band needs face makeup, i volunteer. i would tour with them. SPEAKING of the band.... Chris said that the Bound4Life bracelets had hoped to get 10 kids the last 6 mons signed up to pray. they have....6 million!!! how awesome is that?

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