Thursday, July 07, 2005

London ramblings

we woke this morning (pacific coast) to hear about london. sam lived there for a summer....drama stuff. so he was trying to place the terroristic activity to where he was. i was worried about the sp5 bloggers. i really am hoping to hear everyone is fine, no injuries, no losses.;action=list list of some UK bloggers.
i checked on the usual ones i read. some ok, some have not updated yet.
with all the terror in our world can you believe the palestinian authority is having unity meetings with HAMAS and Jihad? INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are claims that the egyptian ambassador has been killed/murdered in iraq.
sam's best friend is kuwaiti. i am so glad he is back stateside and safe! he saw too many iraqi christians martyred while there. he actually is a big fan of netanyahu. i think he is more of a zionist than sam is!
with the terror alert up, i wonder how it will effect border crossings. (going to canada with teenagers) last time i went over the canadian border i was 15...except plane hopping on the way to estonia....which doesnt really count. so i am not sure what it is like now, before this. or what it will do.
we have appointments today so i better jump off!
i am so sorry londoners! may G-d keep us all safe!

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