Thursday, July 28, 2005

knitting over the edge

i am still working on clapotis. i did not get any knitting done in canada....yes even with 20 hrs of driving. the exhaust was to nauseating. i barely even read.
so i am working on it now. less afraid of the drops. it actually is turning out really nice.
i git a sock done. the ivy one. did i post it? it is out of fixation yarn. it is just about the same colour as my ivy out front. see?

the sock looks weird off my foot so here it is on. (i have short wide feet with high arches. if i find a 6 -6 1/2 shoe wide enough i snatch them up. yes i still shop in the kids section at walmart. a 4 1/2 fits great. the girls are already 2-3's! they will be stealing my shoes soon!)

i have some more baby socks to make. but i am not convinced it is a boy. we didnt get to see anything before it crossed its legs, and the heart beat is really high. it was 167 last time. (the boys were 124-127-133) so i am trying not to make socks in either color choice. i pulled out some baby socks i loved and am going to try the p2designs pattern on my new 1 1/2's that i got in sonora.

next week the new nicki epstein book is out! this is one i have been waiting for...and now sam may not have a job so i may not get to buy it.

(his boss fired and hired new people while we were in canada. did not tell sam, who is the office manager, and sam was locked out the computer. he asked what was going on, the freak started screaming and cussing and blocked sam from the exit of the room. then he was making physical threats. etc... so sam left work an hour early. b/c of this he is on suspension. but i guess the trained monkey (constantly boasts of his past military career. i care. (my daddy worked at the pentagon on the joint cheifs. i have been in the war room. dad was in charge of world wide security so i dont care what he was trained to kill.) wanted to offer him a demotion, less pay etc, and thought sam would be so happy. the guy is like an officers wife who uses her spouse's rank as he own. sam will go in monday and we will see what is up. personally,the guy needs medication. or is just so desperate for jesus that he is literally dying inside.

well sam is back from the dentist with new teeth. and the helicopter is flying overhead...looks like our first canyon fire of the season.... so i am off.

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