Saturday, July 23, 2005

Home at Last

after 24 hours on the bus, we are home, the kids are home and all is good!
we had a great time in surrey! it was hard to leave and we want to return.
we were so blessed to work with 2 great mission teams, great church staff and with darla.
(hope the wedding went smoothly today!)
hi to everyone still in surrey! we miss you guys already! hope thing go great the
next few weeks for you guys. we are praying for you all!
thank you so much for letting us be apart of your groups this last week!

i am anxious to stretch out in my own bed with many pillows to stuff around my belly.
tirzah hugged me and said "wow mom the baby grew i can barely get my arms around you".
haha very funny!
they all seem to have grown, bigger and more wonderful. i missed them so much.
got to hug my parents and give out presents. didnt get over to grandpaw's yet.

i just saw the stuff on the egyptian bombs. my family was in eilat....nearby-israeli side.
i am so glad to know they are not this week!
pray for the people there! both sides of the peninsula.
what a chaotic summer this is becoming!

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