Monday, July 04, 2005

home at last

after camping in buck's lake with 80 teenagers, we went to caribou/belden to camp with mom,dad, and grandpaw al. as i was smearing grandpaw with lotion, he smiled and said "did i ever tell you how much you look like your grandma" now they have been divorced for..30+ years, but he still talks lovingly of her. so it was really sweet. we had such a nice weekend.
i really needed it. i swear i did not sit except for meals!!!! i even had interruptions while trying to pee! i am pregnant! come on! let me just go potty!!!! so when sam finally came up wed night i was so happy to see him! i am still so tired!!! plus i have bronchitis from the sick campers.
sam brought with him a totally awesome box from my secret pal!
it had a very awesome bag like the trendsetters one (PURPLE!), and stork yarn and a leather journal and...KNITTING note cards! very cute! thanks so much! i love all of it..miss illinois.
at camp i was so proud of my magalia kids! gosh i love them! i know i told sam he could quit cuz the last 3 months have been so bad. but i love them! peyton went down the 70 foot rock face, even with a height fear! shelynn was just glowy all over camp. hope it stays, she has had such a rouch year. kelly rocked on bass and looked great doing it with her groovy mohawk, marcus was a blessing in more ways than i can count. he would watch my 3 little ones when i lost track due to nurse duties. andy was the most fun to be around! as an adult he is really coming into his own. he was fabulous with bella thursday afternoon. even josh was fun to be with.
oh wed i snuck into quincy to buy bday cake, and went to the "wool room" and met medrith and had a wonderful time! her mom and her are both in elizabeth zimmerman books. she has a knitting retreat every october. how fun is that??? i got 2 balls of lorna laces sock yarn. really have been dying for it! great colors! i think "watercolor #18".
the real reason i went to town was to get a bday cake.
Chai is now 7. he went down the river today with just his life jacket, over some little rapids. so did jaden (5 times), bella went with a floatie too. but you could keep her out the water! dad almost drowned and sam rescued him. but his knee is totally swollen, bruised, scraped. so are his ribs and other leg. his ankle got stuck between rocks and the water spun him around and under. all i saw was sam and dad holding hands, and thought "cute, but weird" i had no idea he was rescuing dad.
well enough for now!
hi peyton! welcome to blog land!


Peyton said...
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Heatherly said...

dad is 48. he followed sam up river and they were gonna go down the rafts, no lifejackets. he was turned into the current and almost drowned. so sam was the hero mostly cuz he knew if he killed dad we would kill him! (it was his idea to try it)
i called rebecca and am going to the dr this afternoon.

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