Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dutch pancakes

we had brunch at pastor rick's today. his wife gerda made dutch pancakes. they were yummy. we brought them nimshew blackberry jam. it was yummy on them!
there is a big dutch community here. there are alot of seikhs too. sp?
sam has some double salt licorice. i do not like it. but he does. gerda gave it to him.
really salty!
the missions teams we have been working with are really great. noah helped alot last night with the games and skits. he has a real gift for it. sam hates it so it was great that he didn't have to work on it. joel has done a great job as worship leader.....another thing sam was hopin g to not have to do. i am so glad G-d provides and that all these miles apart we are brought together to work as the Body. anyway, i can hear in some of the things joel says that he and sam have had some fabulous study time together, the words are familiar. i am so glad sam has been available to minister whilei get my pregnant butt to bed. sleeping at the church has been good, he doesn't have to take me home!
last night kelsey and brittney were actually quiet! hard to believe i know! first time all week! (we seperated their sleeping spots to opposite ends of the room.) so we got to sleep before 1 am!!! yippeee! i have been so tired! i really was excited to sleep.
we go on the skytram to vancouver tomorrow and will take the seabus across the inlet. then we will come back here and leave for home.

tonight is the big drama,so they are practicing now. last night scott spoke. there were 21 here.
tonight the spanish youth group will join us. so 30-40 i am asuming.

i understand more why cindy and jody asked me to pray 12 years ago for the revival of canada.
(there has never been one in their history)

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