Wednesday, July 06, 2005

blogged down

i HATE that my blog got weird again. they only way i have been able to fix it is to change templates...again...this is the third time it has seprated like it did.
so what do you think of this? i need the green of it. and i think it is easier to see.
why there are gaps around links to lew and hoho i do not know...????? still need to add peyton and mom's to the blog list.

tonight the teen girls started their new study. i went to the dollar store, got awesome journals and fun pens and stickers for our new book. hoping to inspire usage! instead of gossip notes during class. tonight went well, but each "day " is alot to go through. so it will probably be 50 weeks rather than 10.
so next year.....we will be done with it?

my bronchitis turns out is allergic/astmatic stuff. lungs are clear but it sounds like i am drowning....really. but only at night cuz i forget that midday pediatric dose of medicine...oops! made it thruogh the study but almost didnt make the 3 min drive home! sheesh. i am REALLY allergic to peaches. and cottonwood fluff and mango pollen. so doug spiked our orange juice with peaches, i camped and swan with cottonwood fluff, but THANK G-D i no longer live it hated no mango pollen! with tirzah in my belly, i ate peaches and had hives for 2 weeks. (seriously fabulous dessert in france! had no idea what was in it.)
hack, wheeze, breathe!

saturday we pick up the girls from camp gilgal. but sam is supposed to do a car wash for the canada trip. we still have $2000 and 9 days to go! i am not sure how that will be resolved! car washes have really been bad this year.
still working on clapotois. found a dropped stitch...had to fix it. grrr!
still looking for the perfect pattern for my lorna's laces, i want something fun and cabley.
i thought i would have time to do stuff like knit, but i didn't at all while at buck's lake. at caribou i got a little done but then it was dark... thus the dropped stitch!
sending out a new package to my secret pal this week.
hope the girls get their mail too. BEFORE they come home from camp!


anyone said...

I know someone who had the same problem and same blog layout as your previous one. He did this:

div { clear: none !important; }

under the style heading in your template.

I hope that helps :)

anyone said...

Also thanks for the link to my blog. I will add yours on mine.

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