Friday, July 29, 2005

sam got up at 6 am to go hiking. somehow the kids know this. they all slept in. it was really quiet this morning. youth group was nice last night. some of the kids are on vacation, some are grounded.... i am not sure where peyton was, so when i am done i will check her blog for signs of life. the music was FABULOUS! chris jensen who blows most professionals away, sang and played guitars, lew is home for the moment and not on tour with cycle down, so he was ob bass. and josh glasenapp was on drums. it was really fabulous. josh g will be back next week. lew leaves monday for his next tour opening for spoken. and chris maybe working. so i thuroughly enjoyed it this week. plus ALL the stoners have vanished for the summer....sure makes things quiet! so it was a very nice night, not as much work.
getting things ready for school. we have alot already. no need for back packs, last years look barely used. THIS YEAR I WILL HAVE 4 KIDS IN SCHOOL. jaden begins kidergarten this year! the SOS computer is almost ready to go.
the 3RD annual school supply drive at church starts on sunday. i need to get a rubermaid down there to collect it all. i know 2 kids who need stuff. there are probably 7 more. last year we got 10 kids completely set up for school. so it will probably be more than that this year. plus we stocked all the class rooms, so those who needed stuff and didnt ask had things available in the school rooms. besides that life rave starts next week, then there's lassen hiking trip, something like silas concert, joshfest, and more...this is just the beginning. as school starts more will be going on. working on getting a bigger bulletin board for the youth group. it is kinda pitiful!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Tag Questions to answer – what you were doing:

Ten Years Ago- i was pregnant with baby #1, and just came home from france/gremany
Five Years Ago- living in baltimore but moving to denver, 4 kids
One year ago- hmm 5 kids, 5 generations in this county, surrounded by teenagers
Today-woke up, vaccumed my ceiling and pantry(long story), took a nap, youth group
Tomorrow-surviving the heat, chillin at home with movies and maybe pizza...oh, laundry
5 snacks I enjoy:p.b. m&m's, Dark side peanut M&M"S, sugar snap peas, pistachios,
5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: dctalk, adio adrenaline, newsboys, david crowder band, margaret becker
5 Things I would do with $100,000,000- big house in the woods, horses, bless a missionary or 3, pay off the last school loan, buy a nice big van
5 locations I'd like to run away to-safed-israel, prague,matigny-switzerland, colmar-france, ireland
5 bad habits I have: kissing sam in public, pinching his butt at church (heehee), yelling up stairs instead of going up, forgetting where i put my glass, holding a grudge against someone who hurts someone i care for...some say not using capital letters...
5 things I like doing: writing, drawing, knitting, playing with squirt guns, kissing sam
5 things I would never wear: 80's spandex clothes, things with feathers, polka dots, white shoes after labor day, a fluffy bunny suit
5 TV shows I like: csi. csi miami, mystery, waiting for rupert everett as sherlock holmes, do pbskids shows count?
5 movies I like: serendipity, untamed heart, princess bride, matthew, knotting hill
5 famous people I'd like to meet: christian slater, mel gibson, sean astin, elvis, denzel washington
5 biggest joys at the moment: tirzah, kezziah, malachai, jaden & zemeira
5 favorite toys..see above
ok. i am not sure which is worse the fact that the date for this was supposed to be a month ago, or july 31, or that it is now scheduled for OCTOBER 15!!!!! or that it is better for it to come out then in light of the job thing.
so that is another 2 and a half months before it is even available.

knitting over the edge

i am still working on clapotis. i did not get any knitting done in canada....yes even with 20 hrs of driving. the exhaust was to nauseating. i barely even read.
so i am working on it now. less afraid of the drops. it actually is turning out really nice.
i git a sock done. the ivy one. did i post it? it is out of fixation yarn. it is just about the same colour as my ivy out front. see?

the sock looks weird off my foot so here it is on. (i have short wide feet with high arches. if i find a 6 -6 1/2 shoe wide enough i snatch them up. yes i still shop in the kids section at walmart. a 4 1/2 fits great. the girls are already 2-3's! they will be stealing my shoes soon!)

i have some more baby socks to make. but i am not convinced it is a boy. we didnt get to see anything before it crossed its legs, and the heart beat is really high. it was 167 last time. (the boys were 124-127-133) so i am trying not to make socks in either color choice. i pulled out some baby socks i loved and am going to try the p2designs pattern on my new 1 1/2's that i got in sonora.

next week the new nicki epstein book is out! this is one i have been waiting for...and now sam may not have a job so i may not get to buy it.

(his boss fired and hired new people while we were in canada. did not tell sam, who is the office manager, and sam was locked out the computer. he asked what was going on, the freak started screaming and cussing and blocked sam from the exit of the room. then he was making physical threats. etc... so sam left work an hour early. b/c of this he is on suspension. but i guess the trained monkey (constantly boasts of his past military career. i care. (my daddy worked at the pentagon on the joint cheifs. i have been in the war room. dad was in charge of world wide security so i dont care what he was trained to kill.) wanted to offer him a demotion, less pay etc, and thought sam would be so happy. the guy is like an officers wife who uses her spouse's rank as he own. sam will go in monday and we will see what is up. personally,the guy needs medication. or is just so desperate for jesus that he is literally dying inside.

well sam is back from the dentist with new teeth. and the helicopter is flying overhead...looks like our first canyon fire of the season.... so i am off.

Monday, July 25, 2005


The kids and the current team in surrey did a drama the last night. they worked really hard on "the champion". note the demon faces. sam was too busy talking to pose. haha. the spanish youth group joined us that night. milan was in it too. his father came to see him in it and borrowed the cd. sarah was Jesus, kelsey was G-d, josh was satan, jessie chris and milan were demons. brittney and mandy;) were angels.

sam did the narration.

it was really great. they did such a good job and the face painitng was fun to do. i told lew if the band needs face makeup, i volunteer. i would tour with them. SPEAKING of the band.... Chris said that the Bound4Life bracelets had hoped to get 10 kids the last 6 mons signed up to pray. they have....6 million!!! how awesome is that?

there are alot of things that change as you cross over borders.
somethings should be definitely left behind. do not import these! please! they smell like mcd's french fries and ketchup but taste weird. oh and have you heard of dill pickle DORITOS?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Home at Last

after 24 hours on the bus, we are home, the kids are home and all is good!
we had a great time in surrey! it was hard to leave and we want to return.
we were so blessed to work with 2 great mission teams, great church staff and with darla.
(hope the wedding went smoothly today!)
hi to everyone still in surrey! we miss you guys already! hope thing go great the
next few weeks for you guys. we are praying for you all!
thank you so much for letting us be apart of your groups this last week!

i am anxious to stretch out in my own bed with many pillows to stuff around my belly.
tirzah hugged me and said "wow mom the baby grew i can barely get my arms around you".
haha very funny!
they all seem to have grown, bigger and more wonderful. i missed them so much.
got to hug my parents and give out presents. didnt get over to grandpaw's yet.

i just saw the stuff on the egyptian bombs. my family was in eilat....nearby-israeli side.
i am so glad to know they are not this week!
pray for the people there! both sides of the peninsula.
what a chaotic summer this is becoming!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dutch pancakes

we had brunch at pastor rick's today. his wife gerda made dutch pancakes. they were yummy. we brought them nimshew blackberry jam. it was yummy on them!
there is a big dutch community here. there are alot of seikhs too. sp?
sam has some double salt licorice. i do not like it. but he does. gerda gave it to him.
really salty!
the missions teams we have been working with are really great. noah helped alot last night with the games and skits. he has a real gift for it. sam hates it so it was great that he didn't have to work on it. joel has done a great job as worship leader.....another thing sam was hopin g to not have to do. i am so glad G-d provides and that all these miles apart we are brought together to work as the Body. anyway, i can hear in some of the things joel says that he and sam have had some fabulous study time together, the words are familiar. i am so glad sam has been available to minister whilei get my pregnant butt to bed. sleeping at the church has been good, he doesn't have to take me home!
last night kelsey and brittney were actually quiet! hard to believe i know! first time all week! (we seperated their sleeping spots to opposite ends of the room.) so we got to sleep before 1 am!!! yippeee! i have been so tired! i really was excited to sleep.
we go on the skytram to vancouver tomorrow and will take the seabus across the inlet. then we will come back here and leave for home.

tonight is the big drama,so they are practicing now. last night scott spoke. there were 21 here.
tonight the spanish youth group will join us. so 30-40 i am asuming.

i understand more why cindy and jody asked me to pray 12 years ago for the revival of canada.
(there has never been one in their history)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who killed Jesus? G-d did

john piper's "passion of jesus book"
it has really been good. the sin definition was painful. " sin is dishonouring G-d by prefering other things over Him, & acting on those prefrences. we glorify what we enjoy most and it isnt G-d. Therefore sin is not small, b/c it is not against a small Sovereign. The seriousness of an insult rises with the dignity of the one insulted. Th e Creator of the universe is infinitely worthy of respect and admiration and loyalty. Therefore failure to love Him is not trivial, it is treason.
Since God is just He does not sweep these crimes under the rug of the universe. He feels holy wrath against them. rms 6v23...ezek 3v10... BUT the love of G-d does not rest with the curse that hans over all sinful humanity. He is not content to show wrath, no matter how holy it is. Therefore G-d sends his own Son to ABSORB His wrath and bear the curse for those who trust 3v13 refers to the REMOVAL of G-d's wrath by providing a substitute. The substitute, Jesus Christ, does not CANCEL the wrath, He absorbs it and diverts it from us to Himself. G-d's wrath is just, it wasspent, not withdrawn. Let us not trifle with G-d's love. we will never stand in awe of being loved by G-d until we reckon with the seriousness of our sin and the justice of His wrath. BUT when by grace, we awaken to our unworthiness, then we may look at the suffering and death of Jesus and say " in this is love, not that we have loved G-d,but that He loved us and sent us His Son to be the wrath absorbing propititation of our sins...1 john 4v10" John Piper

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Greetings from canada!
we made it here yesterday. wonderful drive, stopped in olympia and saw heatherk. and all the kids. (our youth group girls think sergei is very cute, especially when he speaks russian)

we are getting ready for the week's events and are busy. but took a break to play soccer with the indo-canadians (fiji-hindi) today. it was fun. i called sam my dilber in the middle of the game.
he missed the ball. it means sweetheart in hindi, so i knew they would know what i said and tease him....haha
that is all for now! gotta email the kids!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Traveling Pants

how is it possible for a girl to leave with 8 pairs of jeans, and return with 1 pair....that aren't even hers or her size????? i don't know...but kezzi did it. all her cute pants, embroidered, fun buckles, etc...gone. it is crazy.
so if any one finds her pants....please send them home.
We are trying to get ready for canada. papers, parents, food, maps and travel plans.
plus getting my kids ready for a week with their bubbe & pa. so things are busy.
relaxed at knitwits for a bit lastnight. got a lil something done. tried to felt an old sweater...did not work. too moth eaten, and washable wool. (its 40 years old. some one started it and left the panel in a bag.
just got an email.
Chaim's mama is dying. just a few weeks the dr says. her brother is shmuel...explains why she loved sam so much. i am so sorry for chaim. this has been a rough couple years. We love you Sara! we will miss you very much! wish we were with you guys!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Campers

We went down saturday to get the girls in sonora. left at 6:30, got there at 11. oops, we were supposed to be there at 10!!!! i had confused the camp times with our camp up here. the girls looked great. kezzi survived despite my worrying (her first year). we drove through yosemite, over the pass and home. got home around midnight!

i had brought my clapotis to work on in the car. and LEFT the directions!!! so sam stopped at the yarn store in sonora and they graciously printed a new copy for me. can you believe they had never heard 0f knitty????????? i also got a few balls of fixation for socks. it was only $4.85 there.
i worked 2 drop stitches in.... that is it. it unravels well. i am just not sure about the " bar make 1 stitch thing" cuz it says DO NOT TWIST THIS STITCH. so i want to be sure i am doing it right before i have to frog it. the red and black bag i made. and the skully is the one i did for michaela. chris did the noro and the ape-like one. (not her taste...a request.)

Friday, July 08, 2005


i got a barbara walker 2nd treasury...used for $15!
a little hi-lighted but very nice. and full of wonderful stuff.
1 down 3 to go.

We are going to do a Clapotis knitalong at KnitWits next month. The days of Life Rave are different than last year so i am available to do it. mine is just about to the drops...i know...STILL! i have not had alot of time to work on it, then i ran out of stitch markers. so it is still nestled in my purple case from my secret pal.

getting ready for canada. 1 week then we will be gone. it sounds like we should have an interesting time, and have alot of good projects for our kids...with other teens, homeless, etc...

trying to repack now that i have unpacked from camp.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London ramblings

we woke this morning (pacific coast) to hear about london. sam lived there for a summer....drama stuff. so he was trying to place the terroristic activity to where he was. i was worried about the sp5 bloggers. i really am hoping to hear everyone is fine, no injuries, no losses.;action=list list of some UK bloggers.
i checked on the usual ones i read. some ok, some have not updated yet.
with all the terror in our world can you believe the palestinian authority is having unity meetings with HAMAS and Jihad? INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are claims that the egyptian ambassador has been killed/murdered in iraq.
sam's best friend is kuwaiti. i am so glad he is back stateside and safe! he saw too many iraqi christians martyred while there. he actually is a big fan of netanyahu. i think he is more of a zionist than sam is!
with the terror alert up, i wonder how it will effect border crossings. (going to canada with teenagers) last time i went over the canadian border i was 15...except plane hopping on the way to estonia....which doesnt really count. so i am not sure what it is like now, before this. or what it will do.
we have appointments today so i better jump off!
i am so sorry londoners! may G-d keep us all safe!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

blogged down

i HATE that my blog got weird again. they only way i have been able to fix it is to change templates...again...this is the third time it has seprated like it did.
so what do you think of this? i need the green of it. and i think it is easier to see.
why there are gaps around links to lew and hoho i do not know...????? still need to add peyton and mom's to the blog list.

tonight the teen girls started their new study. i went to the dollar store, got awesome journals and fun pens and stickers for our new book. hoping to inspire usage! instead of gossip notes during class. tonight went well, but each "day " is alot to go through. so it will probably be 50 weeks rather than 10.
so next year.....we will be done with it?

my bronchitis turns out is allergic/astmatic stuff. lungs are clear but it sounds like i am drowning....really. but only at night cuz i forget that midday pediatric dose of medicine...oops! made it thruogh the study but almost didnt make the 3 min drive home! sheesh. i am REALLY allergic to peaches. and cottonwood fluff and mango pollen. so doug spiked our orange juice with peaches, i camped and swan with cottonwood fluff, but THANK G-D i no longer live it hated no mango pollen! with tirzah in my belly, i ate peaches and had hives for 2 weeks. (seriously fabulous dessert in france! had no idea what was in it.)
hack, wheeze, breathe!

saturday we pick up the girls from camp gilgal. but sam is supposed to do a car wash for the canada trip. we still have $2000 and 9 days to go! i am not sure how that will be resolved! car washes have really been bad this year.
still working on clapotois. found a dropped stitch...had to fix it. grrr!
still looking for the perfect pattern for my lorna's laces, i want something fun and cabley.
i thought i would have time to do stuff like knit, but i didn't at all while at buck's lake. at caribou i got a little done but then it was dark... thus the dropped stitch!
sending out a new package to my secret pal this week.
hope the girls get their mail too. BEFORE they come home from camp!
i love anne of green gables. ...i miss my girls. even pbs has a cartoon anne now and they are not here to watch with me. the boys want nothing to do with it. (pout)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

lorna's laces colorway i got in quincy
won't these be great for dad and grandpaw as they work on the cars this winter? maybe if i start now i can get some done by christmas???

Monday, July 04, 2005

It may take a strong stomach to eat curry or chocolate ice cream out of a toilet bowl, but a commode-themed restaurant in Taiwan does booming business serving up just that.
The Martun, or toilet in Chinese, restaurant in the southern port city of Kaohsiung boasts lengthy queues on weekends as diners wait for a toilet seat in its brightly colored tile interior.
Food arrives in bowls shaped like Western-style toilets or Asian-style "squat pots

home at last

after camping in buck's lake with 80 teenagers, we went to caribou/belden to camp with mom,dad, and grandpaw al. as i was smearing grandpaw with lotion, he smiled and said "did i ever tell you how much you look like your grandma" now they have been divorced for..30+ years, but he still talks lovingly of her. so it was really sweet. we had such a nice weekend.
i really needed it. i swear i did not sit except for meals!!!! i even had interruptions while trying to pee! i am pregnant! come on! let me just go potty!!!! so when sam finally came up wed night i was so happy to see him! i am still so tired!!! plus i have bronchitis from the sick campers.
sam brought with him a totally awesome box from my secret pal!
it had a very awesome bag like the trendsetters one (PURPLE!), and stork yarn and a leather journal and...KNITTING note cards! very cute! thanks so much! i love all of it..miss illinois.
at camp i was so proud of my magalia kids! gosh i love them! i know i told sam he could quit cuz the last 3 months have been so bad. but i love them! peyton went down the 70 foot rock face, even with a height fear! shelynn was just glowy all over camp. hope it stays, she has had such a rouch year. kelly rocked on bass and looked great doing it with her groovy mohawk, marcus was a blessing in more ways than i can count. he would watch my 3 little ones when i lost track due to nurse duties. andy was the most fun to be around! as an adult he is really coming into his own. he was fabulous with bella thursday afternoon. even josh was fun to be with.
oh wed i snuck into quincy to buy bday cake, and went to the "wool room" and met medrith and had a wonderful time! her mom and her are both in elizabeth zimmerman books. she has a knitting retreat every october. how fun is that??? i got 2 balls of lorna laces sock yarn. really have been dying for it! great colors! i think "watercolor #18".
the real reason i went to town was to get a bday cake.
Chai is now 7. he went down the river today with just his life jacket, over some little rapids. so did jaden (5 times), bella went with a floatie too. but you could keep her out the water! dad almost drowned and sam rescued him. but his knee is totally swollen, bruised, scraped. so are his ribs and other leg. his ankle got stuck between rocks and the water spun him around and under. all i saw was sam and dad holding hands, and thought "cute, but weird" i had no idea he was rescuing dad.
well enough for now!
hi peyton! welcome to blog land!
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