Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thirty going on thirteen

at 5 am, chai is standing in my bedroom door talking to sam,
"but i want to tell mommie happy birthday" and sam is telling him
to go back to bed, it is too early to wake mommie up. later that morning
i was brought tea, toast and strawberries. a nice pregnant friendly tray.
i am so glad there weren't any waffles or bacon...
...heavy stuff first thing in the morning is bad!
have a couple lowdose creams to try. but have been told benadryl
is probably the best thing. but the insurance wants to juggle what i use,
so that its "cheaper" not more effective. 16 wks 5 days....
..or some where around there left to go.
tonight after youth group we have a date at the movies.
(kids that aren't camping will be spending the night at bubbe's)
ticket prices went up, but we turned in our grocery points for
movie tickets so really it will be free. i am a cheap date!
we havent decided which movie to see yet.
my sp5 says there is a box in the mail. how fun! just to warn you,
mail gets routed and routed and routed to reach us here.
but sometimes it is amazingly ontime. so don't worry if it takes longer than you think.

finished michaela's mini skull tote. it turned out about 5" by 8".
so tini lil thing but the pink skull turned out better than i thought it would.
i know i keep promising pix! eventually when i figure out this
new thingy i will post them. actually i am taking my camera to dad
so he can download all the photos to a cd for me so i have empty memory
things for camping. i know it is like cheating. as soon as one of the 2 males ,
who know how to download this thing, show me, i will be fine.
i have no idea where sam stuck the camera's lil i can't just read it myself. argh!

sam broke his crown and is at the dentist for how many hours???
who knows! so me and the kids are just here. but!!!
the good news is i can actually put us allin the lil car cuz 2 are at camp!
so we will probaly stock the first aidbag... only 3 days til we are at buck's lake.

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