Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sam is waiting to hear about a job so i have the computer only til 9 am. before someone mentions DSL, remember i live in the woods with 1 phone jack in the entire house! my poor mom can't even get cable cuz she is 1/2 mile out of the zone!!! i wouldn't trade it though! i love my giant trees!
btw- he likes his job currently, but this would be really fab. so if he doesn't get it, it will be ok.

today is my bestest friend's bday! she is 30, 22 whole days before me! since we were 12, she has always been the braver one and gotten older first so i could be brave enough to join her! so i love you!!! and memorial day mail always does this to me! a present is in the mail, but i have no idea when you will get it!

kelly's socks last night are turning out very cute. she has 3 pairs under her belt now! so last night i showed her how to do them on 2 circs. (we have been cheating wonderfully with 12" turbos for the whole sock with a short row heel so no DPN's til the toe! hahaha!!!) wilma's heel looks picture perfect! she did a great job on her first sock. chris has gone back to her felted bags, which are beautiful! and has been experimenting with shapes. but her neighbor is teaching her socks on size 6 needles??? hopefully that won't hold her back!
i totally forgot that i am working at knitwits friday/saturday 12-4:30. just the fluff stuff, terry will do the heavy lifting! i just have to help ladies match yarn.
i still have to go pick up our skateboard for saturday's raffle. and find out where the tickets are!
oh, tirzah has her horse lessons monday! 6 months after she was given them (4 months of bedrest for her HSP) so guess who is bouncing off the walls!!!
oh well almost 9 am. so i am off!

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