Tuesday, June 07, 2005

mood rings and flat tires

after the festivities of sunday (church anniversary) there wasn't a evening service. so we jump in the car and drive to mount lassen. it was clear of snow on the roads all the way through! usually it takes about 6 more weeks. so we were driving back and POP!!!
flat tire, my first flat ever. so i look at sam and start laughing, " the spare is on the front porch". this is a 2 hour drive one way from where we are. so we open our cells. joy of joys 4 bars!!!! of signal!
so i call my daddy. he and grandpaw bring the tire and gas, and food. (we did have sunchips, bbq lays and some "nor-cal" rootbeer with us but after 4 1/2 hrs....7 people and a pregnant chick....it doesn't go very far)
so the kids are singing about pa the hero and sam is laughing cuz, my dad always has to rescue us from something.
we watch the stars, find a perfect potty sheilding bush, color, KNIT, and read until pa shows up around 11 pm. the tire is on way too tight and all 3 of the guys are yanking to get the things loose.
so at 1:45 we get home. oh did i mention it was FREEZING!? like around 30 degrees???? sam is in shorts and a tshirt! anyways we had a fun adventure, enjoyed the boiling sulfur pits as much as the smell lets you, and had a good time being together. bella did ask if i was gonna get "g'umpy?" which difused the "i am going to strap jaden to the roof" moment. poor jaden he is 5 and can't sit still!

according to my mood ring that sam got me at "zumies skateboards" i am feeling "HAPPY"

oh-tirzah chopped 12" off her hair. last november they thought her bruises were lukemia. it was hsp (body attack the blood vascules instead of viruses or allergens and can destroy the kidneys) now that she is better tirzah wanted to send her hair for some one who really did have to loose their hair from lukemia.
tear jerker moment. so look out LOCKS OF LOVE hair tied in a pink rubber band is on its way!

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