Friday, June 17, 2005

I finished the baby hat for the shower this weekend. i hope to run over to mom's and get a picture of it before it has to be given away. so i can make another one. here is what i did:

US size 6 needles (12" circ & dpns)
Berocco Cotton Twist 1
co 90 sts
k 2 rows
k1,p1 2 rows
knit 4" stockinette
begin decreases k 8, k2tog around
1 row plain between decrease rows. decreasing number of sts between k2togs by 1 st each round.
k7,k2tog; k6,k2tog; k5,k2tog; k4,k2tog...reduce to 6 sts and I-cord these for 4". bind off
Tie in a knot to finish.
or something like that.

the girls were not leaving until june 26, but the local camp that is next week gave them each a scholarship to go. so i have less time, and have to pack for 2 camps. (the 24 hrs they are home are not going to be for laundry ) while looking and shopping for camp stuff. i found "the shop on blossom street" at KMART so i had to buy it. now i just need the leisure arts pattern booklets to go with it. heehee it has apattern by ann norling in the front. that was fun cuz i have met her and modelled her stuff at knit wits as she draped me in knits. She is very fun and almost giddy over fiber.

sent off my sp5 box. hope she likes it. it is hard at the beginning to guess what they like, even with the questionnaire. so girl, i hope you get it in a timely manner...(postal workers and i argue often over what that means), and that you like it!

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