Friday, June 10, 2005

A E I know U

bella is learning vowels...that is how she says it! a e i know u! heehee

i am spending the night with mom, at grandpaw's, cuz the guys are in philbrook. we have the giant tv, the hot tub...non hot for pregos..., and fun snacks too. i left sam a steak soaking in the fridge and popcorn chicken for the kids. In the morning i will be at knitwits. 2 classes. also a class on tuesday. so i have to get my yarn "suitcase" and printouts when i go get my stuff.

i have been reading "simple socks" by the priscilla of dream socks. i have not done short row toes yet. but i like not having to use DPNs til the end. there are no pix of the fun socks or tirzah's cute hair cuz... :
my digital camera is broken. so whomever stole it, then returned it, did break it. good news- it is under warranty! we got the extended plan on it just cuz of our kids. so i am hoping to run done to chico tomorrow eve and get it fixed up. as soon as it is fixed i have to post some.

We saw calling simon, ever stays red and abide in concert wed. big red box's singer was there too. we missed grand prize cuz i had to get emma home before 10. we saw emma and josh at foster freeze today. the kids had "bubblegum dipped" cones...ew! but now i finally took them to foster freeze. mom used to walk me and matty down there when i was 5. so it was fun to have her with us today.
the steel was delivered today for the steel trusses/frames of the church. so there will be a building soon. things seem to have settled done as far as the politics so sam is relaxed again, although he had to talk to one of our boys about his pot-usage again. it is so sad.

so far we still need $2,372 for our canada 5-6 weeks. while there we have concerts,outreach and some RAOK to do in the community. it will be fun. i am hoping every one who is planning to go gets to. summer school has become an issue for several of our kids. mostly b/c of go to school!

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