Sunday, June 12, 2005

Darkside of the BBQ

it is a lovely sunny day, maybe approching 80 degrees. so sam decided to BBQ.
for those who do not know, this is a scary thing. poor sam, he is a city-apartment boy.
our first lawn mower he decided to flip over WHILE it was running. So being that it is a charcol grill, this
is going to be interesting. he now has lighterfluid. (a forgotten item)
notice i am indoors hiding??? i helped dad grill everything. i love it. but i am trying to let him do it.
trying, really, i am.

still waiting for the sp5 participants list to go up. so i am checking on the girls from the sp4 page still.
hopefully it will not get deleted. it was one of the fun things about doing this, meeting everyone and guessing.
watch out secret pal! i discovered who miranda was before she posted a comment with her name. your email is not on your blog is it? it makes it too easy!
being from a small-ish town i was able to get several others here signed up. last time i would send packages for farway cities to keep things from being too obvious! besides it is good for the store to have people need to buy yarn for someone. wonder if we can post a sign in the store window??? for the next one.
my cousin now lives in san francisco, 5 blocks from a shop, she didnt say which one. so hopefully it is a fun one when we visit. i was disappointed last year cuz knitwits has so much, nothing was new.

Barnes and Noble here started a SNB!
it met on thursday, i hope the night will vary or i can't go. (youth group) the girl that works there who knits, also told me about a shop in ashland,or that is supposed to be great. websters??? i think. i did learn that knitting over the edge will be out july 28. so after canada. i had hoped to bring it with for the long drive.

i stopped my saturdays at knitwits for the summer. between now and august 8? we are swamped.
it just isnt worth $10 to loose a whole day, especially with all that is going on. (camp, canada, philbrook, caribou...bdays ) if the classes were still full i may have been tempted to over do it (supposed to be taking it easy so grandma doesn't call from new orleans and yell at me again) . so it is good that things are slow. i am still there on tuesdays. so i can get my fiber fix.

IF ANYONE SEES DARK SIDE M&M'S PLEASE SEND SOME!!! we can only find jedi mix here.

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