Saturday, June 25, 2005

a birthday to remember

so friday night was to be my birthday dinner at my grandfather's ,
with my parents, hubby , kids and rebecca.
at 2 i picked up michaela so i could hear how camp went for her. we bought
sobe's and m&m's and went to wait forthe girls (mine) to arrive from camp.
bella insists on carrying her own drink. jaden is carrying his. so i give in.
she is not paying attention,falls over the curb,
THICK Sobe glass breaks, slices through her hand and i rush over, look at it.
ok, i was fine til then. knew she probably needed a dr. but the
subcataneous(fatty) layer of her lil hand was glaring angrily at me!!!!
i guess i whisked her to her carseat threw a rag around it.
can you believe not even a fast food napkin was in there!!!!!!
jaden jumped inthe car. actually fast!!! for once.
michaela sat in back and held her together so we could rush the 2 blocks
to daddy at the dr office he works at.
as we sqeal out, the campers pull in. so while i sit at the dr's, michaela runs down to get the girls.
THANK G-D for michaela!!!!
dr lijun looks at it, sends us to the ER.
usually it is 3-4hours wait. I HATE FEATHER RIVER!!!!!!!!
it was 6 hours with a bloody lil 3 year old before they saw her.
and another 30-45 min before the stitches. stitch,poke flesh in, stitch,
talk about trimming layers, pregnant mama really wishes sam was in
there at that point!!! ( 1 VISITOR PERSON PER PATIENT) bella looks over,
sees the stitching-tugging mess and starts screaming!!!!and screamed for there on.
the dr and nursing staff were nice though, and gave her a kitty and a popsicle
stick man with thread from her stitches. but 6 hours! come on!
there was some old lady they were waiting on to finally POOOP! this
is just one of the 5 beds back there! the Tweakers were riotous.
so 9:20 we show up for bday dinner cake etc....
i asked if bella should have motrin. they said no. so half way through
the gifts she starts screaming. her hand is throbbing.
Screw the advice of DR's if this ever happens again we are doping the child!
now a week of camping with a wound to keep clean.
i will never turn 30 again! and bella is happy go lucky, but now hates sewing.
oh and she learned a new word ...."sutures"


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that she's ok. This one is definitely a birthday to remember.


Peyton said...
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