Wednesday, June 15, 2005


we pulled out the kids pool. it suddenly got hot..but is gonna be cold cuz rain is on the way.
so i repumped up the pool, the nice rectangle deepish one. and came back in to dump the pasta in boiling water. as i do, a noodle jumps the pot.
suddenly my thigh is peirced!
thinking it is a noodle from the pot causing pain, i swat at the spot.
No! something is in my overalls!
so ofcourse i scream and jump about as i take them off. the weird meat bees here are my fear.
i made sam go search through my pants. know what he found?
ok ready for this?
it is a beetle over 1" long with like 2" antennae.
according to the description on the internet, the OREGON FIR SAWYER with its "strong mandibles" is what laid into the back of my thigh! (by the way, i don't live in oregon!)
the evening progressed with me burning my forearm while draining pasta, which only adds to smacking my tail bone and CUTTING it open !!!! from last week.

so having recovered from the beetlebiting incident, the joys of living in the woods, i went to knits wits.
new sock yarn!!! and i actually made some $$ last night so i could buy some. heehee! working on terri's bag now. the fuzzy thing! and trying to get a fixation sock done, and present for this weekend shower for kristina done too. i am tempted to actually just buy something rather than finish the bobbles on the baby tart hat! they wear on the wrist!

i have been putting half my money towards the girls camp. ($600 with their scholarships) so hopefully we will have a good dent in it before it is time for them to go. next year chai make get to go too. so we need to just take it out of tax money next year and save it. they are really excited. have their bags packed, sleeping bags "squish" pillows and flaslights. just a few more thing to get. plus gotta repair kezzi's suitcase.

SP5 participants list is up...sorta.
i can now happily snoop on what the rest of the world is knitting! and gain ideas and inspiration!

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