Saturday, June 18, 2005

5 days

at kristina's shower today the "older women" said children remain brain damaged til they are 30!
in light of this, i guess i will be semi-normal in less than 5 days!

the shower went really well. kristina liked her hat and other gifties.
my pregnant hives are still driving me nuts! sam keeps telling me to stop
itching, and has threatened to put socks on my hands! the cream is not helping.
so i may have to call the dr tomorrow and see what is next. scratch.scratch.scratch.

jan took me to lunch at the old train depot for an early bday lunch. we had a lovely time.
we were almost late for the shower! good thing it is a lil town! not far to drive. she gave me a cd too.
she is really wonderful. i am so glad she is in my life!
my MPBC secret sis set out a present for me too. book, lotiony stuff, and a 30 survival kit! haha! very cute!
thanks secret sister! (this goes from january 05-jan/feb 06. so i will not know who it is for a long time!)

karin got her purse and lee got her scarf. (the dune one that starts w/90 and ends w/ 720 sts)
a.terri's purse is half done, so may get felted tomorrow. then lil terri's purse will be next.

still on the needles:
fixation ankle sock
pink/black punk anklets
felted glasses case (just found it in a bag..oops forgot about that one!)
my so called scarf (still is swatch size!)
ruffles scarf

want to start:
felted fishy
the breastfeeding tank on knitty (gosh wonder why???)
rosepetals purse
more baby socks (...waiting to find some baby cashmerino)
a baby sweater of some kind
oh the zigzag purse from knitter's to felt

hope that while the kids are at camp i can get some done. if not they will all be in vbs the beginning of august
so that will give me 5 unhindered days.
kezzi stole my bryson's cuz she lost one of hers. pray they remain a pair!

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