Saturday, June 25, 2005

our sweet baby! who would make her wait 6 hours! she is too lovey!

a birthday to remember

so friday night was to be my birthday dinner at my grandfather's ,
with my parents, hubby , kids and rebecca.
at 2 i picked up michaela so i could hear how camp went for her. we bought
sobe's and m&m's and went to wait forthe girls (mine) to arrive from camp.
bella insists on carrying her own drink. jaden is carrying his. so i give in.
she is not paying attention,falls over the curb,
THICK Sobe glass breaks, slices through her hand and i rush over, look at it.
ok, i was fine til then. knew she probably needed a dr. but the
subcataneous(fatty) layer of her lil hand was glaring angrily at me!!!!
i guess i whisked her to her carseat threw a rag around it.
can you believe not even a fast food napkin was in there!!!!!!
jaden jumped inthe car. actually fast!!! for once.
michaela sat in back and held her together so we could rush the 2 blocks
to daddy at the dr office he works at.
as we sqeal out, the campers pull in. so while i sit at the dr's, michaela runs down to get the girls.
THANK G-D for michaela!!!!
dr lijun looks at it, sends us to the ER.
usually it is 3-4hours wait. I HATE FEATHER RIVER!!!!!!!!
it was 6 hours with a bloody lil 3 year old before they saw her.
and another 30-45 min before the stitches. stitch,poke flesh in, stitch,
talk about trimming layers, pregnant mama really wishes sam was in
there at that point!!! ( 1 VISITOR PERSON PER PATIENT) bella looks over,
sees the stitching-tugging mess and starts screaming!!!!and screamed for there on.
the dr and nursing staff were nice though, and gave her a kitty and a popsicle
stick man with thread from her stitches. but 6 hours! come on!
there was some old lady they were waiting on to finally POOOP! this
is just one of the 5 beds back there! the Tweakers were riotous.
so 9:20 we show up for bday dinner cake etc....
i asked if bella should have motrin. they said no. so half way through
the gifts she starts screaming. her hand is throbbing.
Screw the advice of DR's if this ever happens again we are doping the child!
now a week of camping with a wound to keep clean.
i will never turn 30 again! and bella is happy go lucky, but now hates sewing.
oh and she learned a new word ...."sutures"

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thirty going on thirteen

at 5 am, chai is standing in my bedroom door talking to sam,
"but i want to tell mommie happy birthday" and sam is telling him
to go back to bed, it is too early to wake mommie up. later that morning
i was brought tea, toast and strawberries. a nice pregnant friendly tray.
i am so glad there weren't any waffles or bacon...
...heavy stuff first thing in the morning is bad!
have a couple lowdose creams to try. but have been told benadryl
is probably the best thing. but the insurance wants to juggle what i use,
so that its "cheaper" not more effective. 16 wks 5 days....
..or some where around there left to go.
tonight after youth group we have a date at the movies.
(kids that aren't camping will be spending the night at bubbe's)
ticket prices went up, but we turned in our grocery points for
movie tickets so really it will be free. i am a cheap date!
we havent decided which movie to see yet.
my sp5 says there is a box in the mail. how fun! just to warn you,
mail gets routed and routed and routed to reach us here.
but sometimes it is amazingly ontime. so don't worry if it takes longer than you think.

finished michaela's mini skull tote. it turned out about 5" by 8".
so tini lil thing but the pink skull turned out better than i thought it would.
i know i keep promising pix! eventually when i figure out this
new thingy i will post them. actually i am taking my camera to dad
so he can download all the photos to a cd for me so i have empty memory
things for camping. i know it is like cheating. as soon as one of the 2 males ,
who know how to download this thing, show me, i will be fine.
i have no idea where sam stuck the camera's lil i can't just read it myself. argh!

sam broke his crown and is at the dentist for how many hours???
who knows! so me and the kids are just here. but!!!
the good news is i can actually put us allin the lil car cuz 2 are at camp!
so we will probaly stock the first aidbag... only 3 days til we are at buck's lake.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hmmm. i think i want to make one. this takes 1100 yds (fingering weight) and size 8 needles. hmm. knitpicks?
This lace-patterned shawl, adapted from the Faroese style, is contoured and shaped for a natural, drape and fit. more info or heart
The distinctive "butterfly" shaping of the Faroese shawl makes an exceptionally wearable garment because of the shaped shoulders and elongated ends for optionally tying around the waist....This lace-patterned shawl, adapted from the Faroese style, is contoured and shaped for a natural, drape and fit. The pattern begins with the center back neckband, then proceeds from the neck down in garter stitch and lace stitch motifs.

Happy Campers

At 6 am the girls were up and ready to go! MY alarm was set for 6:15.
then at the last minute kezzi says they need to pack a lunch, scrambling to add that to the list and be out the door by 7 am. get there and discover that they do not need a lunch. haha
so i get them settled kiss tirzah and kezzi good bye and then go kiss my other 3 good bye (teen girls going to mission camp...kelsey, michaela, and shelynn)
then wrangled marcus over to our house so he could go out to breakfast with sammy.
the girls will be back friday afternoon and saturday and leave again sunday.
almost 3 weeks with half my kids gone. weird!
speaking of kids:


hopefully that will post. it is a baby count down thingy.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

this site has some nice things. and a little cheaper than others. but it is mostly low end yarns and no ebony needles that i could find. pout.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

5 days

at kristina's shower today the "older women" said children remain brain damaged til they are 30!
in light of this, i guess i will be semi-normal in less than 5 days!

the shower went really well. kristina liked her hat and other gifties.
my pregnant hives are still driving me nuts! sam keeps telling me to stop
itching, and has threatened to put socks on my hands! the cream is not helping.
so i may have to call the dr tomorrow and see what is next. scratch.scratch.scratch.

jan took me to lunch at the old train depot for an early bday lunch. we had a lovely time.
we were almost late for the shower! good thing it is a lil town! not far to drive. she gave me a cd too.
she is really wonderful. i am so glad she is in my life!
my MPBC secret sis set out a present for me too. book, lotiony stuff, and a 30 survival kit! haha! very cute!
thanks secret sister! (this goes from january 05-jan/feb 06. so i will not know who it is for a long time!)

karin got her purse and lee got her scarf. (the dune one that starts w/90 and ends w/ 720 sts)
a.terri's purse is half done, so may get felted tomorrow. then lil terri's purse will be next.

still on the needles:
fixation ankle sock
pink/black punk anklets
felted glasses case (just found it in a bag..oops forgot about that one!)
my so called scarf (still is swatch size!)
ruffles scarf

want to start:
felted fishy
the breastfeeding tank on knitty (gosh wonder why???)
rosepetals purse
more baby socks (...waiting to find some baby cashmerino)
a baby sweater of some kind
oh the zigzag purse from knitter's to felt

hope that while the kids are at camp i can get some done. if not they will all be in vbs the beginning of august
so that will give me 5 unhindered days.
kezzi stole my bryson's cuz she lost one of hers. pray they remain a pair!
finished the book. it was a good quick read. how long til a good yarn is out in paper?

Friday, June 17, 2005

I finished the baby hat for the shower this weekend. i hope to run over to mom's and get a picture of it before it has to be given away. so i can make another one. here is what i did:

US size 6 needles (12" circ & dpns)
Berocco Cotton Twist 1
co 90 sts
k 2 rows
k1,p1 2 rows
knit 4" stockinette
begin decreases k 8, k2tog around
1 row plain between decrease rows. decreasing number of sts between k2togs by 1 st each round.
k7,k2tog; k6,k2tog; k5,k2tog; k4,k2tog...reduce to 6 sts and I-cord these for 4". bind off
Tie in a knot to finish.
or something like that.

the girls were not leaving until june 26, but the local camp that is next week gave them each a scholarship to go. so i have less time, and have to pack for 2 camps. (the 24 hrs they are home are not going to be for laundry ) while looking and shopping for camp stuff. i found "the shop on blossom street" at KMART so i had to buy it. now i just need the leisure arts pattern booklets to go with it. heehee it has apattern by ann norling in the front. that was fun cuz i have met her and modelled her stuff at knit wits as she draped me in knits. She is very fun and almost giddy over fiber.

sent off my sp5 box. hope she likes it. it is hard at the beginning to guess what they like, even with the questionnaire. so girl, i hope you get it in a timely manner...(postal workers and i argue often over what that means), and that you like it!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kosher by Jesus!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


we pulled out the kids pool. it suddenly got hot..but is gonna be cold cuz rain is on the way.
so i repumped up the pool, the nice rectangle deepish one. and came back in to dump the pasta in boiling water. as i do, a noodle jumps the pot.
suddenly my thigh is peirced!
thinking it is a noodle from the pot causing pain, i swat at the spot.
No! something is in my overalls!
so ofcourse i scream and jump about as i take them off. the weird meat bees here are my fear.
i made sam go search through my pants. know what he found?
ok ready for this?
it is a beetle over 1" long with like 2" antennae.
according to the description on the internet, the OREGON FIR SAWYER with its "strong mandibles" is what laid into the back of my thigh! (by the way, i don't live in oregon!)
the evening progressed with me burning my forearm while draining pasta, which only adds to smacking my tail bone and CUTTING it open !!!! from last week.

so having recovered from the beetlebiting incident, the joys of living in the woods, i went to knits wits.
new sock yarn!!! and i actually made some $$ last night so i could buy some. heehee! working on terri's bag now. the fuzzy thing! and trying to get a fixation sock done, and present for this weekend shower for kristina done too. i am tempted to actually just buy something rather than finish the bobbles on the baby tart hat! they wear on the wrist!

i have been putting half my money towards the girls camp. ($600 with their scholarships) so hopefully we will have a good dent in it before it is time for them to go. next year chai make get to go too. so we need to just take it out of tax money next year and save it. they are really excited. have their bags packed, sleeping bags "squish" pillows and flaslights. just a few more thing to get. plus gotta repair kezzi's suitcase.

SP5 participants list is up...sorta.
i can now happily snoop on what the rest of the world is knitting! and gain ideas and inspiration!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Darkside of the BBQ

it is a lovely sunny day, maybe approching 80 degrees. so sam decided to BBQ.
for those who do not know, this is a scary thing. poor sam, he is a city-apartment boy.
our first lawn mower he decided to flip over WHILE it was running. So being that it is a charcol grill, this
is going to be interesting. he now has lighterfluid. (a forgotten item)
notice i am indoors hiding??? i helped dad grill everything. i love it. but i am trying to let him do it.
trying, really, i am.

still waiting for the sp5 participants list to go up. so i am checking on the girls from the sp4 page still.
hopefully it will not get deleted. it was one of the fun things about doing this, meeting everyone and guessing.
watch out secret pal! i discovered who miranda was before she posted a comment with her name. your email is not on your blog is it? it makes it too easy!
being from a small-ish town i was able to get several others here signed up. last time i would send packages for farway cities to keep things from being too obvious! besides it is good for the store to have people need to buy yarn for someone. wonder if we can post a sign in the store window??? for the next one.
my cousin now lives in san francisco, 5 blocks from a shop, she didnt say which one. so hopefully it is a fun one when we visit. i was disappointed last year cuz knitwits has so much, nothing was new.

Barnes and Noble here started a SNB!
it met on thursday, i hope the night will vary or i can't go. (youth group) the girl that works there who knits, also told me about a shop in ashland,or that is supposed to be great. websters??? i think. i did learn that knitting over the edge will be out july 28. so after canada. i had hoped to bring it with for the long drive.

i stopped my saturdays at knitwits for the summer. between now and august 8? we are swamped.
it just isnt worth $10 to loose a whole day, especially with all that is going on. (camp, canada, philbrook, caribou...bdays ) if the classes were still full i may have been tempted to over do it (supposed to be taking it easy so grandma doesn't call from new orleans and yell at me again) . so it is good that things are slow. i am still there on tuesdays. so i can get my fiber fix.

IF ANYONE SEES DARK SIDE M&M'S PLEASE SEND SOME!!! we can only find jedi mix here.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

when don't i knit in public? are people still hesitant to reach in their bags and pull out their knitting? hope you are all out there knitting.

Friday, June 10, 2005

A E I know U

bella is learning vowels...that is how she says it! a e i know u! heehee

i am spending the night with mom, at grandpaw's, cuz the guys are in philbrook. we have the giant tv, the hot tub...non hot for pregos..., and fun snacks too. i left sam a steak soaking in the fridge and popcorn chicken for the kids. In the morning i will be at knitwits. 2 classes. also a class on tuesday. so i have to get my yarn "suitcase" and printouts when i go get my stuff.

i have been reading "simple socks" by the priscilla of dream socks. i have not done short row toes yet. but i like not having to use DPNs til the end. there are no pix of the fun socks or tirzah's cute hair cuz... :
my digital camera is broken. so whomever stole it, then returned it, did break it. good news- it is under warranty! we got the extended plan on it just cuz of our kids. so i am hoping to run done to chico tomorrow eve and get it fixed up. as soon as it is fixed i have to post some.

We saw calling simon, ever stays red and abide in concert wed. big red box's singer was there too. we missed grand prize cuz i had to get emma home before 10. we saw emma and josh at foster freeze today. the kids had "bubblegum dipped" cones...ew! but now i finally took them to foster freeze. mom used to walk me and matty down there when i was 5. so it was fun to have her with us today.
the steel was delivered today for the steel trusses/frames of the church. so there will be a building soon. things seem to have settled done as far as the politics so sam is relaxed again, although he had to talk to one of our boys about his pot-usage again. it is so sad.

so far we still need $2,372 for our canada 5-6 weeks. while there we have concerts,outreach and some RAOK to do in the community. it will be fun. i am hoping every one who is planning to go gets to. summer school has become an issue for several of our kids. mostly b/c of go to school!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

mood rings and flat tires

after the festivities of sunday (church anniversary) there wasn't a evening service. so we jump in the car and drive to mount lassen. it was clear of snow on the roads all the way through! usually it takes about 6 more weeks. so we were driving back and POP!!!
flat tire, my first flat ever. so i look at sam and start laughing, " the spare is on the front porch". this is a 2 hour drive one way from where we are. so we open our cells. joy of joys 4 bars!!!! of signal!
so i call my daddy. he and grandpaw bring the tire and gas, and food. (we did have sunchips, bbq lays and some "nor-cal" rootbeer with us but after 4 1/2 hrs....7 people and a pregnant doesn't go very far)
so the kids are singing about pa the hero and sam is laughing cuz, my dad always has to rescue us from something.
we watch the stars, find a perfect potty sheilding bush, color, KNIT, and read until pa shows up around 11 pm. the tire is on way too tight and all 3 of the guys are yanking to get the things loose.
so at 1:45 we get home. oh did i mention it was FREEZING!? like around 30 degrees???? sam is in shorts and a tshirt! anyways we had a fun adventure, enjoyed the boiling sulfur pits as much as the smell lets you, and had a good time being together. bella did ask if i was gonna get "g'umpy?" which difused the "i am going to strap jaden to the roof" moment. poor jaden he is 5 and can't sit still!

according to my mood ring that sam got me at "zumies skateboards" i am feeling "HAPPY"

oh-tirzah chopped 12" off her hair. last november they thought her bruises were lukemia. it was hsp (body attack the blood vascules instead of viruses or allergens and can destroy the kidneys) now that she is better tirzah wanted to send her hair for some one who really did have to loose their hair from lukemia.
tear jerker moment. so look out LOCKS OF LOVE hair tied in a pink rubber band is on its way!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sam is waiting to hear about a job so i have the computer only til 9 am. before someone mentions DSL, remember i live in the woods with 1 phone jack in the entire house! my poor mom can't even get cable cuz she is 1/2 mile out of the zone!!! i wouldn't trade it though! i love my giant trees!
btw- he likes his job currently, but this would be really fab. so if he doesn't get it, it will be ok.

today is my bestest friend's bday! she is 30, 22 whole days before me! since we were 12, she has always been the braver one and gotten older first so i could be brave enough to join her! so i love you!!! and memorial day mail always does this to me! a present is in the mail, but i have no idea when you will get it!

kelly's socks last night are turning out very cute. she has 3 pairs under her belt now! so last night i showed her how to do them on 2 circs. (we have been cheating wonderfully with 12" turbos for the whole sock with a short row heel so no DPN's til the toe! hahaha!!!) wilma's heel looks picture perfect! she did a great job on her first sock. chris has gone back to her felted bags, which are beautiful! and has been experimenting with shapes. but her neighbor is teaching her socks on size 6 needles??? hopefully that won't hold her back!
i totally forgot that i am working at knitwits friday/saturday 12-4:30. just the fluff stuff, terry will do the heavy lifting! i just have to help ladies match yarn.
i still have to go pick up our skateboard for saturday's raffle. and find out where the tickets are!
oh, tirzah has her horse lessons monday! 6 months after she was given them (4 months of bedrest for her HSP) so guess who is bouncing off the walls!!!
oh well almost 9 am. so i am off!
Addi Turbo attace! ok, it is napa leather and $275!!! and someone i know actually ordered one! yes in red.sorry but i am very happy with my vinyl $17 case for my turbos...even though it is overflowing and stuffed. so girl, enjoy it! and hopefully it will make all your stitches look professional!
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