Monday, May 23, 2005

Sonora Spoiled

i just came back from the pastor's wives retreat, in sonora...close to yosemite...sorta.
i had a wonderful time! they do a great job at spoiling us. also rhonda stoppe who is one of my favourite people, gave me an attitude adjustment, last year she really kicked my butt! this year maria kim kicked my butt. she spoke on obedience. ouch! "obedience is doing what you don't like to do, with respect and honor, without challenge, excuse or delay." -Tripp
i am gonna make the kids memorize that one!
i also hooked up with several knitters while there. and taught continental style knitting to julie.
hi girls!!! do not forget to sign up for SP5.
i also attended a class on post abortion syndrome. there are ALOT of abortions in the 3 generations of us. legal and ones in other countries when it was illegal. i was amazed at the list of symptoms, even though my mom was a PACE counselor. it was a good class on heaing.
i returned home and saw my teenagers before i saw my own family. i love them, the little trouble makers! they were defending me. our janitor had me in tears friday over a piece of scotch tape that i used. then said i was acting out of pregnant emotions/hormones when i asked him nicely what i was allowed to use. i didnot say "well, what the hell do you want me to use to tape up admission info????" so i was insulted completely, but this has been an ongoing battle. last week he threw our things that i had purchased for youth group in the trash!! our pastor made him dumpster dive for them. so he is still pissed off.
on top of that he stole, yes, stole and hide backpacks, amps, and other things the youth group has to use. my missing digital camera...i would not be surprised if instead of one of our juvi kids, he had actually taken it!
so i was given a good round of support from my teens. then when it was time for evening service dork-butt started in on me again. sam has told him if he has a problem to go to him. hopefully he will. cuz i can only smile and nod for so long before i bite his head off!
now i am off to the dr about my shoulder. it seems i took my tendons and rolled them back -like over the top of my shoulder???? yuck. it popped out of place yesterday and slid back.
YET I CAN STILL KNIT, which is what is important to the yarn store...even though they do not pay me or give me a discount on class stuff or ANYTHING. well there was that one time., terry gave me a discount on needles he didn't want the store to carry. so i am probably not going to work there long. class intrest is waning for summer and i have better priorities to take care of.
the classes actually cost me more in supplies and time than in what i make on attendance. it was so much fun to just knit with other people without demands! i enjoyed this weekend so much!

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