Saturday, May 07, 2005

short row shaping

i am making my first toe up sock, with a short row heel.
sock 1 had too many eyelet holes..think i was wrapping wrong. this one turned
out really nice. it is very tiny, a baby sock. one by freebie ofcourse.
sam brought home roses and my annual corsage. in ten years i was only with out one once for mother's day...the jobless,cashless year. we are having lunch with grandpaw cuz the tweaker is off his property. yippee!!!! hopefully it will be a nice relaxing afternoon.
Lewis is valedictorian for his class this year! Super proud of him his band is playing tonight in paradise. so sam is there supporting him along with some of the teens. after giving his speech he will be going on tour with cycle down. wonderful and sad. we will miss him.

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