Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

yesterday at church, i got the mom with the most kids prize. IT WAS WEIRD. toni always won, and i knew with that many old ladies there had to be some one with more kids than me. Nope.
so with 5.5 kids, i won. what did i win? a cute lil book full of encouraging words for moms.
then we had lunch with grandpaw, and a movie, then sam had to leave early for a personel committee meeting. i did not see him again til 9pm. i got home, checked the messages, not much, no wishes..remember that! no mother's day msgs.
Well today sam's dad calls to yell at him for not calling his mom. THERE IS NO CELL RECEPTION AT GRANPAW"S!!!! Did they call me? the mother of their grandchildren? nope..remember no messages. did they send cards? nope. we sent 2, one from adults, one from kids. but sam gets yelled at when i didn't even get to see him. notice the MIA brother of mine did not call, or send anything. but we expected that. is any one going to yell at him? no. of course not. no temper tantrums in my family. ALSO they have to make sam feel like crap over everything else they feel should be better. these are the people that said "you would be better off at McDonald's" when he was working FOR NASA!!!!! (you get free cheeseburgers at mcdonalds, it is much better than decent pay and space technology ya know.) so i got to send a defeated man to work. thanks for being great parents!!! good job guys. nothing like making your kid feel like crap in order to feel parental. after 11 years why am i surprised???????

Now i did have a lovely day! wonderful presents from sam, the kids, my secret sister (mpbc),my mom and dad. and then we had such a great day with grandpaw now that the tweaker is out of his life and off his property. the kids made homemade potatoe chips with him and bella filled his M&M man collection with new m&ms. she was very worried about them being empty. she didn't want to eat them, just set things right. now that jan is gone, she even asked grandpaw if she could spend the night in a room at his house. even bella knew it was safe with out the psycho now.
i am speaking at WOM today. keep your fingers crossed!

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