Monday, May 30, 2005


yesterday as we were getting up for church, i began spotting. so we had to go to feather river. They had a hard time finding the heart beat, but finally did. 140. all is fine now. we were washing cars for our canada work project and i had run after tirzah and sam playing tag. sam yelled at me and i told him "i have done cartwheels while pregnant with the others, i think running is ok" . alright this would be the difference between pregnant at 19 and pregnant at 29. i am almost 30. 24 more days to go. my body is already there, but it may take another decade for my mind to catch up!
by the time we got home the email said i was im labor! boy, i am glad some one told me. after 5 kids, i had no idea i was in labor. the good thing is no well meaning and loving people showed up. but baby is fine and i am to rest for awhile, so we are going to bubbe's.
sam is hiking all day with his boss. Really hoping he heres from the other place with an awesome offer. but if he doesn't this is a good job. and it has hiking perks.
he has been debating quitting youth stuff again. they are acting like just a bunch of uninterested, do-for-me kids right now, and after 2 yrs, he is sick of it. they want to do fun things but every one else has to pay for it. so now that no one is paying, they just do nothing.
last night having an AWOL marine call up, hang up twice and call him a liar was not a good thing. but like i told him, who cares what a kid who is throwing his life and career away thinks! i mean it is a big difference to be AWOL in the air force than it is with the marines! he was supposedly going back saturday. now he is with the "i am the new jesus christ" white supremist and his girlfriend. so should sam really care what they think? they don't care about their own lives or futures. and may just stay like this forever!!!! so i say focus on the kids who are trying to grow up and make something of themselves.
working on travelers stockings...shorter than in interweave knits.
trying to get the big sophie done for my cousin.
baby socks to match kippah for the future Brit Milah of Kayin.
fuzzy purse needs to be done in 3 weeks for aunt's reunion thingy she wants it for.
have to teach socks on circs for this next months sock group....
not to mention dreaded dog sweater on tuesday and suede purse.

also my bestest girl is turning 30 BEFORE 2 days. so i need to get her present in the mail!
oh, my secret pal should get her first gift this week. hope she likes it.

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J. said...

hang in there, glad your okay

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